Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatment

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Learn the Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatment

Dr. Paul’s is an Inpatient Mental Health facility located in St. Augustine. Our licensed and accredited program provides effective treatment that brings long-term results to our clients. For many cases seen in our inpatient treatment setting, their symptoms have caused life to become unmanageable. For an individual who is unable to take care of themselves and needing inpatient rehab, the effectiveness of mental health treatment will result in the ability to recover and learn the tools needed to become a productive member of society. At Dr. Paul’s we find that most people suffering from an acute mental health symptom, or panic attacks, or any problem which requires a higher level of care, they also can heal given the proper therapeutic setting and one on one attention.

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea offers many licensed and accredited mental health treatments:

– Inpatient Mental Health
– Residential Trauma Care
– Inpatient for PTSD
– Rehab for depression
– Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Want proof of the effectiveness of mental health treatment with Dr. Paul’s by the Sea?

-Thousands have already healed with the help of Dr. Paul’s treatment centers.

Effective Mental Health Care Treatments with Dr. Paul’s:

– One on One therapy
– Group Therapy
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
– Holistic Therapy
– Gestalt Therapy
The best thing about inpatient treatment is that the individual has support and encouragement every day. For many individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, or other symptoms, having support and professional counseling is a time-tested method to helping on recover. Learning to recognize triggers, stop negative thought patterns, and develop new life skills and social skills are all key to recovering long term. Our treatment center offers effective mental health treatment that aims at preparing our clients for being successful long-term, even once they head home from treatment. Our long-term programs, sober living, and graduate follow up services help us claim the spot as the best mental health center in St. Augustine, Florida.

Medication Management and Medication Dependency

Medication Management – For those needing their medication levels looked at, adjusted, or controlled doses, a medication management program will help regulate the medication delivery. At Dr. Paul’s our licensed counselors and mental health professionals will help make sure you are on the best dose possible of any medication you take while under our care. For those seeking alternatives to meds, or feeling overmedicated, just ask about our holistic therapies.

Medication Dependency – Many become dependent on medications for an illness, or mental health symptoms. After decades of being dependent on psychiatric medications, many users will develop side effects or adverse symptoms. At Dr. Paul’s we can help you safely detox from drugs, or adjust meds to the most beneficial levels, to relieve unwanted symptoms. For anyone taking more than their prescribed dose, or abusing the medications, we offer medically supervised detox and a drug dependency program to learn the tools needed to stay clean.

Proving the effectiveness of mental health treatment every day!

In St. Augustine, Florida, Dr. Paul’s helps clients overcome debilitating symptoms every day. Our groups and activities help bring a positive feeling aspect into the daily life of someone going through rough times. Our caring team of treatment providers will coach and mentor each client towards moving past the negative symptoms and into a healthier more productive lifestyle, one day at a time. The reason inpatient care is more successful than outpatient appointments is because the staff at Dr. Paul’s gets to observe each client on a regular basis. This enables our team to learn about behavioral patterns, traumas, or any issues that may be holding someone back from reaching a full recovery. This dedication and effort to help each client succeed is what makes Dr. Paul’s the best Mental health center in St. Augustine.

The effectiveness of mental health treatment covered by insurance

At Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, we offer fully covered long-term treatment covered by most major insurances. We have worked for many years to become licensed and accredited to secure arrangements with insurance companies, and now we offer the best insurance covered rehab in Florida. Our location by the Sea is designed to provide healing and tranquility as our licensed team provides effective therapies known to assist in the recovery from any diagnosed mental health conditions. Whether you need a serene facility to attend due to life becoming to overwhelming, or if you are looking for a family member in a mental health crisis, Dr. Paul’s can help.

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