Job Finding Services

There are many challenging aspects of recovery that take place after a person has completed their treatment program. For people leaving their rehab facility, they may worry about the future and the barriers that could prevent them from finding gainful employment. Finding a job after rehab is a crucial part of living a more positive and productive life while maintaining sobriety. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea understands the importance of being employed after completing treatment and we offer job finding services to our clients so that they can continue to thrive in their personal lives. It can be a struggle for someone who has lived for years with an addiction to find the right job but our program can provide help to ensure each person has work available to them after leaving treatment.

Find a Career after Recovery

Our program can help you find the right job based on your special skills, passion and motivation. You can meet with a counselor one-on-one to discuss what opportunities are available to you and what type of job would suit you best. Our job finding services can perform an assessment that will determine how your education, interests, talents and goals can match up with specific career choices. Counselors can then use this information to create an action plan that will help get you into a job that fits in with your passion as well as your financial needs. Our counselors can help you with important skills such as building a resume that will catch the attention of potential employers, learning how to interview like a professional, and how to successfully find and land a job in your local area. We can also connect you with vocational training to learn specific skills for the industry you are interested in or programs to help you complete your high school diploma. For those interested in higher education, our counselors can help you apply to college so you can complete a bachelor’s degree.

In the past you might have lost a job or struggled to find work because of your addiction. It is an important part of sobriety to be productive and responsible so that you can avoid the type of behavior that promotes substance abuse. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea can provide you with both the ability to complete treatment and to succeed in life after rehab. Finding meaningful employment through our job services will not only allow you to thrive financially, it will keep you on the right track to maintaining your positive sober lifestyle. Your recovery is only complete when you are able to survive on your own without the use of drugs, handle life’s responsibilities and be a healthier, more stable individual.