Inpatient Treatment Program

While some people may require some extra time at home as they go through recovery, others need to get away from the pressure and stress of their daily life so that they can focus on getting better. Inpatient treatment is an important option for many reasons but mainly it is an opportunity to be immersed in an atmosphere that is more positive and conducive to reaching goals.

The stress of working, relationships and the dangers of being around certain influences may be too much for someone that wants to focus solely on changing their addictive behavior. When they are staying in a treatment facility full time, a patient can safely go through withdrawal and learn about recovery while avoiding any of the temptations or pressure that can lead them to relapse. Inpatient treatment can be the best option for people who are still detoxing or have very severe long-term addictions.

Living in a Treatment Community

Withdrawal can be a difficult experience to go through and an inpatient program is the safest and most helpful place to fight each symptom.

Some parts of withdrawal can be managed with medication but most patients benefit from having people available to them at any time to discuss what they are going through and find a way to cope with it. Even long after physical symptoms of withdrawal subside, a person in recovery will be dealing with their psychological dependency and all the emotional issues that go along with their addiction.

Living in a therapeutic community can help patients find the support that they need to live sober at all times. When someone has a long history of substance abuse, it is not easy to quickly make the transition to going about their daily routine as a sober person.

Inpatient Treatment Program

They will feel that triggers are surrounding them when they are home, at work, or seeing their friends who may still be addicted. With inpatient treatment, they have the chance to escape all of the things that could lead to their relapse and instead spend some time off in a supportive environment with people that are always available for help.

Support throughout Each Step of Recovery

While staying in a treatment facility, patients have access to therapy and counseling throughout the day as well as the opportunity to socialize and bond with people who are going through the same experience as them. The support of peers can be one of the most important aspects of recovery. That is why attending meetings and group therapy is always incorporated into treatment along with one-on-one counseling. Discussing emotions with others can be a challenge for people with addictions who are accustomed to withdrawing and escaping from painful or stressful situations.

At our inpatient treatment center in St. Augustine, a person can learn to be more open at all times and practice being honest with the people that live with them in the facility. Spending this time in the treatment center allows them to get used to new behavior and habits. With inpatient treatment, people with addictions can practice their sobriety skills, learn to cope with stress in healthier ways and become adjusted to life without substance abuse.

For those individuals that need to be involved in their recovery full time, Dr. Paul’s By The Sea offers an effective inpatient treatment program. Living in this environment will provide clients the chance to take a period of time off from the stress of their own lives so that they can put all their effort into recovering from an addiction. Our program is proven to work for everyone that needs to free themselves of the dangerous cycle caused by substance abuse.