If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, Dr. Paul’s By The Sea can help clients enroll in a treatment program quickly and effortlessly. You can enroll in the program yourself or refer someone else for treatment through our admissions staff which is available to answer any questions and help to guide you through the process. Admissions staff members are there to arrange admissions for inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, facilitate transportation to the treatment center, schedule an evaluation and assist you with insurance verification.

Steps to Enrolling in Treatment

For anyone interested in admissions, the first step is to meet with a counselor or intake coordinator to fill out the necessary paperwork and review any important information such as personal rights, procedures, rules and regulations. The admissions counselor can then determine if detoxification is necessary before the client can begin the treatment program. Clients in need of detox can be taken to our licensed facility to go through withdrawal in a safe and medically supervised environment. After completing detox clients can then meet with their addiction case manager and their assigned therapist to begin one-on-one counseling sessions and receive their evaluation. Therapists will do an initial interview and make a complete evaluation of each patient to determine what their needs will be for a treatment and therapy plan. After their evaluation, patients can begin treatment right away by attending meetings, lectures, activities and working on their customized treatment program.

Clients entering an inpatient treatment program should make sure to pack enough clothes as they will be living full time at the facility. They can also bring any items that they will need that are not prohibited in the rules and regulations. Patients are not allowed to bring any medication that has not been approved or any items containing alcohol. Once a patient enters treatment and completes their evaluation they will be given a schedule that they will follow every day. It is important for each person in the recovery program to adhere to all the rules they have been provided and do their best to complete all the work laid out for them in their treatment plan. When patients work hard on their recovery and want to improve their situation they will be able to fully experience the healing process. Those that enroll in our program have the opportunity to change their life once they enter treatment and begin the journey to sobriety.