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    Don’t let mental health problems interfere with your life.

Psychiatric Treatment

Mental Health Treatment Center in St. Augustine, FL

If mental health symptoms are affecting your quality of life, then you don’t have to face this illness alone. Our mental health treatment center in St. Augustine, Florida can offer the assistance you need in an environment where you feel connected and supported. In your daily life, you might worry about being misunderstood or stigmatized for your problem, but in treatment, you can experience compassion and concern. It is possible to treat and reduce symptoms of mental health disorders so that your life becomes more manageable. Get help now so you can flourish once again and lead a positive, active, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Anxiety Disorder

Those who suffer from anxiety struggle with constant fear and worry. Issues like generalized anxiety, panic disorder and phobias can be treated effectively to reduce symptoms.

Clinical Depression

Depression can interfere with your work, relationships and overall health. If you are experiencing persistent sadness and loss of interest, therapy can help you improve your state of mind.

Bipolar Disorder

Those who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience extreme highs and lows moving from mania to depression. Treatment can help stabilize people with this disorder so that they reduce mood swings and feel more balanced.

Personality Disorders

There are many different personality disorders each with their own maladaptive behaviors that negatively affect a person’s well-being. Personality disorders can be treated by helping individuals change their behavior patterns.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD occurs when an individual experiences something traumatic, terrifying or tragic. Patients in our treatment center can recover from their trauma through supportive therapy.

Learning Coping Mechanisms

People with mental illnesses may develop unhealthy coping mechanisms like self-medication. Treatment can help anyone learn more positive and effective strategies for coping with stress.
The recovery community at Dr. Paul's is very supportive and the staff is wonderful. I was free to be myself!
- Dr. Paul's By The Sea Alumni, 2014

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