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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment near Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is a mental health and addiction treatment center. Our treatment center is just 45 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Paul's By The Sea is in close proximity to the heart of the Jacksonville military community. We are just a short drive away from the U.S. Naval Air Reserve, NAS JAX Base, Florida Air National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, and many more. We provide specialized treatment programs designed to treat different forms of addiction and mental health disorders. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, our staff works closely with all our patients to create an individualized treatment plan.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health disorders are a serious issue that has become increasingly common in the United States, especially within our armed forces. In a study done in 2014, it was discovered that 1-in-4 active military members reported having a mental health condition. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, we are working to help our military servicemen and women who struggle with mental illness. We offer several therapeutic programs that are designed to treat a full spectrum of behavioral health disorders.

Anxiety Disorder

Those who suffer from anxiety struggle with constant fear and worry. Issues like generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias can be treated effectively to reduce symptoms.

Clinical Depression

Depression can interfere with your work, relationships and overall health. If you are experiencing persistent sadness and loss of interest, therapy can help you improve your state of mind.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD occurs when an individual experiences something traumatic, terrifying or tragic. Patients in our treatment center can recover from their trauma through supportive therapy.

Bipolar Disorder

Those who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience extreme highs and lows moving from mania to depression. Treatment can help stabilize people with this disorder so that they reduce mood swings and feel more balanced.


Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder that often makes it difficult to distinguish between what is real and unreal. It often makes people feel paranoid causes difficulty in communicating with others.

Personality Disorders

There are many different personality disorders each with their own maladaptive behaviors that negatively affect a person’s well-being. Personality disorders can be treated by helping individuals change their behavior patterns.
Tricare Accepted Rehab

Tricare Insurance Accepted

Dr. Paul's By The Sea is In-Network with Tricare. We proudly work with active duty service members, retirees, veterans, and their adult and adolescent beneficiaries.

Our Treatment Center provides mental health and addiction treatment for service members and their families in the Jacksonville, FL area.


Addiction Treatment

At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, we know how easy it is to fall into substance abuse. Especially when dealing with high stress or emotional situations that service members can find themselves in. Self-medicating can also become a problem when struggling with chronic pain. At our Addiction Treatment Center near Jacksonville, FL, we treat all types of substance use disorders (SUD). No addiction is the same. Our medical professionals can help you achieve recovery with treatment programs that are designed specifically for each of your needs.

Detox Program

The first step in all of Dr. Paul’s addiction programs is to rid the body of the substances that are keeping it dependent on drugs and alcohol. Our Detox program allows patients to go through withdrawal in a safe and comfortable environment where they can be monitored 24/7 by medical professionals.

Residential Rehab

Our inpatient rehab is provided for those transitioning out of the detox phase and needs a safe and structured environment. Inpatient rehab is a vital part of recovery. It offers a community of individuals who are experiencing similar struggles and obstacles and can create a support group for each other.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment is offered for those who do not need as much structure to treat their addiction. Recovery is set at a different pace for everyone. Outpatient rehab allows those who are unable to commit living at a facility to receive the treatment they need.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is the most commonly abused addictive substance in the world. Though many people never seek professional help for their alcohol addiction problem. At Dr. Paul's, you can learn the skills you need to rebuild your life.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate use can lead to severe physical and psychological dependency. Treatment is necessary to recover from this growing epidemic. We can help you regain your freedom from opiate addiction.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin abusers experience the negative consequences of their addiction including short-term and long-term effects. Learn how to safely recover from heroin addiction and achieve lasting sobriety today!
The recovery community at Dr. Paul's is very supportive and the staff is wonderful. I was free to be myself!
- Dr. Paul's By The Sea Alumni, 2014

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