Self-Care For Nurses

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Why is Self – Care Necessary?

Self- Care is necessary for medical professionals in order to provide their patients with the best treatment possible, nurses need to practice self-care.

Jennifer A. O’Neill, chief nursing officer at the Hospital for Special Surgery, states that self-care must not be considered a luxury but a necessity.

“Nurses are advocates for their patients and their families, so we need to be emotionally and mentally available to care for our patients to the best of our ability,” O’Neill says. “Providing quality care is only possible if we first ensure our own well-being.”

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Tips for Prioritizing Self-Care as a Nurse

While self-care can vary significantly from nurse to nurse, there are ways to prioritize these moments throughout the day, week, or month.

Nurses need to grasp their work routine to effectively schedule time for self-care and try to stick to it. They should determine what is important, not just professionally but also personally.

According to Article Contributor Jennifer O’Neill, CNO at the Hospital for Special Surgery, one of the best ways to figure out how to balance work and personal life is to take advantage of the experiences of others.

“[Share] your stories and experiences with your colleagues,” she says. “You are not in this alone! We are all here to support each other.”

Article Contributor, Kendall Conn, RN, suggests that even the smallest tasks can help develop a larger routine, even if it’s something like grabbing an iced coffee on the way to work.

“Frame those little acts of self-kindness so they become mindful practices,” Conn says. “As time goes on, you won’t need to create a calendar notification; these moments will become a habit.”

As the country continues to depend on the strength of its healthcare professionals, nurses must find ways to refresh their mind, body, and soul. It is just as important to recognize the sacrifices nurses make, especially as they place the needs of patients ahead of their own.

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