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Our Treatment Programs

Anyone who is looking for help with quitting an addiction needs to find the right program that will cater to their individual needs. We offer a variety of programs and services that can help anyone achieve long-term recovery no matter what personal challenges they may be facing. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea you can take advantage of our treatment options and the many benefits they offer our clients based on their lifestyle, health and personal goals. Recovering from an addiction is a very challenging task for everyone but completing a treatment program successfully can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Through our rehab treatment, clients are able to return to their work and family with more positive and healthy attitudes along with all the important skills to remain sober.

Intensive Outpatient

A program providing each patient with everything they need to recover while living outside the facility including a treatment schedule and diverse programs for addiction.

Inpatient Treatment Program

Effective treatment and recovery can take place onsite in our treatment facility. Patients can live together in a therapeutic community and focus on their sobriety without any distractions.

Detoxification Program

Patients can rid their bodies of chemical dependency in a safe and comfortable environment. Through detox each person can move past the phase of physical addiction and work toward improving their mental health in recovery treatment.

Career Services

Our job finding services can help clients build their resume and prepare themselves for their career when they complete the treatment program through vocational training and academic support.

Family Treatment Program

Members of a client’s family can get involved in treatment by attending meetings and seminars to support their loved ones.


We offer outdoor activities including exercise, yoga and beach walks for the enjoyment of our clients.
The recovery community at Dr. Paul's is very supportive and the staff is wonderful. I was free to be myself!
- Dr. Paul's By The Sea Alumni, 2014

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