Dr. Paul’s By The Sea

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Wellness Center

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is a Mental Health Treatment Center that offers medical detox, outpatient programs, inpatient rehab, and mental health services. Our facility also provides dual diagnosis treatment for clients in need of recovery from issues with mental health and addiction. Our treatment programs are catered to each individual’s specific needs through counseling and therapy. Our treatment center also offers educational meetings and activities to ensure a successful recovery.

Specialized Care for Veterans

Veterans may have difficulty transitioning back to civilian life. We can help you with mental health and addiction treatment.

Mental Health Treatment

Get intensive residential treatment for issues with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Bipolar.

Addiction Treatment

Treat the symptoms of mental health and addiction through one inclusive program.
Specialized Mental Health Services for Veterans and First Responders

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is a VA Accredited mental health and addiction treatment center. Our recovery center offers the best care in evidence-based treatment practices. We provide specialized treatment programs designed to treat different forms of addiction and mental health disorders. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, our staff works closely with veterans, military personnel, and their families to create individualized treatment plans that meet their specialized needs.

Mental Health for Veterans

We know the struggles that our Veterans face and we can help you heal from a variety of mental health issues.

Rehab for Veterans

Treat the causes of addiction with our residential Detox and Rehab program for Veterans.

PTSD Treatment for Veterans

Get intensive residential treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma.
Mental Health Treatment

If mental health symptoms are affecting your quality of life, then you don’t have to face this illness alone. Our mental health treatment center can offer the assistance you need in an environment where you feel connected and supported. In your daily life, you might worry about being misunderstood or stigmatized for your problem, but in treatment, you can experience compassion and concern. It is possible to treat and reduce symptoms of mental health disorders so that your life becomes more manageable. Get help now so you can flourish once again and lead a positive, active, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Reclaiming Wellness: A Path to Overcoming Eating Disorders

Our program offers comprehensive treatment for individuals struggling with eating disorders, focusing on physical health, emotional resilience, and nutritional balance. We understand the unique challenges these disorders present and offer personalized care to support recovery. Through a combination of therapy, nutritional counseling, and group support, we help clients rebuild a positive relationship with food and their bodies. Our dedicated team provides a compassionate environment, fostering the strength and skills needed for lasting wellness.

Treatment for Eating Disorders

We Are Proudly Approved Providers for

Addiction Treatment

With the help of Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, it is possible to achieve lasting sobriety. Our Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center can help you recover in a comfortable and supportive setting. With our support, you can focus on changing your habits and behavior. Our addiction treatment center can help you leave substance abuse behind so that you can have a happier, healthier life.

Addiction Treatment

Learn about our residential treatment program and our professional team.


Start the recovery process. Rid your body of toxins and become free from your dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Inpatient Rehab

Get to the heart of your addiction. Learn coping skills to help you overcome cravings and learn to live a sober life.

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Our Facility

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is a dual diagnosis treatment facility that offers clients a chance to successfully recover from both psychological disorders and chemical dependency. We are a licensed treatment program that focuses on treating mental health disorders in civilians, former service members, and first responders. Our program provides each client with recovery treatment that will address their specific issues and allow them to grow into a more stable individual that is capable of managing their lives.


Our team of admission consultants are standing by to help you through the process of admission.

Our Staff

Our experienced staff works hard to bring you a diverse array of therapeutic modalities to meet all of your treatment needs. Meet our Staff!

Our Facility

Take a virtual tour of our beautiful 19,000sqft/65 bed facility, located in sunny St. Augustine, Fl.

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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Center in St. Augustine, FL

At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, we believe that with the right treatment and support, anyone can achieve sobriety and long-term recovery from addiction. Our facility can provide effective drug and alcohol treatment, mental health care services and recovery for dual diagnosis patients. We guarantee all of our clients will successfully recover after completing our program and any patient that relapses within the first year can receive additional treatment free of charge.