Intensive Outpatient Program

Each person seeking recovery has different needs and lifestyles that should not hinder their ability to receive treatment for an addiction. While some may require time off from their everyday lives to focus on detox and learning to live sober, other individuals may need to continue managing their daily affairs as they recover.

At our Addiction Treatment Center in St. Augustine, Florida, we offer an intensive outpatient program that makes it possible for patients in recovery to continue going to work and caring for their families. Those with busy lives and responsibilities which they cannot afford to leave behind for several months can still enjoy the benefits of rehab treatment and intensive care.

Outpatient treatment can also be a helpful step for those transitioning from inpatient treatment back into their daily routine. It is important for many patients to have the option of receiving treatment while living at home and our outpatient program is beneficial and effective for those who need that opportunity.

Reasons for Intensive Outpatient Care

An intensive outpatient program is very similar to an inpatient program and can provide the same level of success for anyone that cannot afford to spend all of their time in a treatment facility. Clients have the opportunity to continue living at home and in most cases, going to work full time and spending time with their family in this type of program.

This kind of program can be an ideal option for people who have already been through detox and do not have the most severe addictions, making it possible for them to stay at home. It also might be a necessity for those who do not have the flexibility in their careers to take a few months off from work to focus on recovery.

Parents who must be home to care for their young children might require intensive outpatient treatment so that they can be there for their family throughout their recovery. Whatever the reason may be, outpatient treatment allows patients to spend nights in their own homes while also spending a set amount of time in a recovery program.

The Benefits of Choosing Outpatient

While attending their recovery program, patients will have to spend more time in treatment than they would with a non-intensive outpatient program. Intensive treatment means they must spend a certain amount of hours each day in therapy and group activities but the time commitment is much less than an inpatient option.

Through intensive outpatient treatment, each person is monitored to ensure they remain sober and staff members keep track of their physical health and psychological progress in recovery.

Outpatient Rehab in St. Augustine, Florida

Intensive outpatient also is a chance for patients to connect with a community as they attend group therapy sessions and meetings that help them speak more openly with others about their problems. Individual and group therapy commitments every day are key elements in the process of recovery that work effectively even while living at home.

Outpatient is still customizable for patients so that they can overcome their unique obstacles and reach personal goals throughout their journey to sobriety. The program will also include educational activities that help each patient learn all the tools and skills that are necessary to remain sober every day even when they leave the treatment center.

An intensive outpatient program is a way for people in recovery to remain connected to their personal lives and apply everything they learn throughout their treatment. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea’s intensive outpatient treatment allows you to maintain your normal life while receiving the care that you need to become permanently sober.