Myths About Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment in St. Augustine, FL

People who do not yet understand the true nature of addiction may be under the impression that they can “cure” their problem. They may be hoping for some kind of quick fix that can rid them of their relationship to substances so that they can continue their lives without having to worry about addiction. Although it would be ideal for people to completely cure themselves of their addictive behavior in some way, the truth is that addiction is a complicated problem that must be managed for a long time. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, we offer addiction treatment that places patients in a comfortable setting, where they can safely treat their addiction.

People with addictions must always acknowledge that they have this disease and that it is a part of their life. Fortunately, addiction is a disease that is treatable and with adequate care, anyone can learn to manage their issues with substance abuse to remain sober for the rest of their lives. While there may be no traditional “cure” for addiction, treatment can be powerful to change your behavior and permanently maintain control over your problem.

addiction treatment

Things to Understand about Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment:

  • A person with an addiction can never “moderate” their substance use or become a social drinker. When people believe there is a cure for addiction they might be under the impression that they eventually can use drugs or alcohol again recreationally. This is the kind of mentality that leads them to believe that they can quit easily or cut down anytime they want. Once you understand the complexity of addiction you will realize there is no going back to moderate use.
  • Addiction treatment is a continual process and not a one-time event. Even after completing a rehabilitation program, many people continue receiving help from after-care programs and twelve-step support group meetings so they can stay on track with their goals. Relapse is a reality for many people and they must be cautious to prevent themselves from returning to their old habits.
  • Learning to manage addiction can require a lot of time and patience. People in recovery may feel anxious to reach their goals but everyone recovers differently and some people may take longer than others to learn the necessary skills to manage their issues. Anyone looking for a “cure” for their addiction might be disappointed to find that changes do not happen overnight but take place slowly for a certain period of time.
  • There is no one size fits all recovery plan as each individual faces unique challenges in treating their addiction. Some people may require different kinds of therapy, medication, and assistance if they have mental health issues or other problems that might affect their recovery. Specialized programs provide people with the individual tools they need to make progress in their journey to sobriety.

Understanding what is really involved in addiction treatment can help prepare you for the future when you enter a rehab program. If you are still convinced of certain myths about how treatment works then you might be disappointed to find that it is more difficult than you thought. Treating addiction is not a simple cure that takes away the problem in a short amount of time. Addiction treatment is a process that requires each patient to be actively involved in changing their decisions and behavior. However, if you are committed to becoming sober and you are willing to work toward your recovery then you can successfully eliminate substance abuse from your life. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea can provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed in recovery and achieve the results that you want.