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Addiction Treatment for Veterans

TRICARE Insurance Drug Rehab for Veterans

Dr. Paul By the Sea Mental Health Treatment Center is proud to accept TRICARE Insurance for Veterans. We provide anything from medical detox, outpatient programs, inpatient rehab, and mental health services. At Dr. Paul By the Sea, we want to be available to everyone and anyone and especially the brave men, women, and their families who protect our country. Continue reading to see how you or your loved one can benefit from TRICARE Rehab Insurance.

Helping Veterans & Their Families

If you or your loved ones are battling a mental health disorder or substance use disorder, Dr. Paul By the Sea could be the place for you. The road to recovery is never going to be easy and no matter your circumstances, you can depend on us to help you. We provide high-quality, evidence-based treatments for veterans, certain reserve members, and their families that have TRICARE Rehab Insurance.

It is not only veterans who suffer from their addiction and substance use; the damaging effects of the drugs also impact their families. The user can become violent towards others and themselves, and without treatment, the behavior could worsen over time. By getting help at a qualified addiction center specializing in veteran care, the entire family can be involved in the treatment process.

Family support is crucial during recovery, and addiction rehabs will often provide family counseling and allow families to come and visit their loved ones at the rehab facility. During counseling, families can learn the signs of addiction and symptoms of PTSD in case of recurrence. Once the person in treatment begins to recover and learn how to manage their symptoms without using drugs, they can start to live a healthy and fulfilling life with the people they love.

TRICARE Insurance

TRICARE Insurance, formerly known as the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the United Services is the health care program for uniform service members, retirees, and their families around the world. Its services cover health plans, special programs, and prescriptions while including mental health and substance use services. Don’t let you or your loved one’s substance use disorder or mental health disorder continue to worsen and get the help you need today. Each client at Dr. Paul By the Sea receives the best treatment possible including a personalized treatment plan to fight their addiction or mental health disorder. We offer anything from Drug Rehab for Veterans to Mental Health Treatments for Veterans and even more specific treatments such as PTSD Treatment for Veterans.

Who Is Eligible for TRICARE?

  • Active duty or retired Uniformed Servicemember
  • You are an active duty or retired Uniformed Servicemember
  • You are the spouse or child of active duty or retired Uniformed Servicemember
  • You are a National Guard or Reserve member
  • You are the spouse or child of a National Guard or Reserve member
  • You are the survivor of a deceased military member
  • You are the former spouse of a military member
  • You are a Medal of Honor recipient
  • You are the spouse or child of a Medal of Honor Receipent
  • You are registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)
drug rehab for veterans

Having a substance use disorder or mental health disorder can not only affect the individual but can also affect their families and the loved ones that surround them. Admitting you have a problem or seeking treatment for your mental health is a huge first step and we want to be there to help. Accepting TRICARE Insurance allows us to help those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom, and we want to do everything to lead those individuals and their families to a healthier life.


Covered Mental Health and Addiction Treatments

We are proud to be able to health the brave men and women in our military forces and their families. TRICARE covers a variety of services for mental health and substance use disorders.  At Dr. Paul By the Sea, we understand that no two patients’ circumstances are the same and for that reason, we accept TRICARE Insurance because it covers multiple forms of treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.  These include: 

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Dr. Paul By the Sea offers some of the best mental health treatments in St. Augustine, Fl. We offer high quality, evidence-based drug rehab treatments to help with long term recovery so that you or loved ones remain sober. As a company, we want to make sure rehabilitation is available to you and your loved ones no matter the circumstances. By accepting TRICARE Insurance it allows for veterans, service members, and their families to receive proper treatment for a better life. To see what treatments and programs you are eligible for through TRICARE Rehab Insurance by filling out our insurance verification form today!


Tricare & TriWest Insurance Accepted

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is proud to provide service to the men and women in our military forces. We thank you and accept Tricare insurance, allowing us to provide high-quality health resources to active-duty and veteran service members.

Our rehab center near the city of Jacksonville provides substance use disorder and mental health treatments for these service members and their families.   


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