Treatment Professionals

When clients are referred to our program by treatment professionals we make sure that they receive the type of continuing care that can help them reach a state of lasting recovery. Our clinicians have the skill, compassion and understanding to help each patient reach a more stable and balanced state of mind. Therapists in our recovery program are able to incorporate a number of evidenced-based treatment approaches and a different variety of therapy methods to help each patient meet their individual goals. Whenever a client is referred by another treatment professional, our clinicians can build upon the work that they have already accomplished in previous programs. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea can work collaboratively with referring clinicians as a part of our team to ensure that the patient is able to make the necessary progress. Referring clinicians can work with our therapists to provide valuable insight into the patient’s history and their relationship to recovery. Clinicians can stay involved through weekly reports and discussions that pertain to their former client.

Creating a Treatment Plan

Treatment professionals often choose our program to refer their clients because we offer a variety of treatment approaches that can reach even the most complex issues and provide them with the tools to achieve recovery. We focus all of our attention on clients and their mental, physical and spiritual health so that they can reach a point of overall well-being through the various programs, therapies and activities in their treatment plan. Our extensive range of services and individual programming is what makes Dr. Paul’s By The Sea one of the best choices to refer clients when they need to continue an existing treatment program. We can incorporate elements of what they have already been working on in treatment while providing them with new and effective methods that will help them get past any obstacles that prevented their full recovery in the past. Our recovery facility offers structured treatment plans that include methods to treat more complex issues such as dual diagnosis patients who are also dealing with a mental health disorder. When treatment professionals refer clients with an existing diagnosis to our facility they can be sure that the patient will receive the best quality treatment no matter what their current situation may be.

At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea our services help clients find their strengths so that they can develop a more positive self-image and the skills to improve their lives during and after treatment. Each patient will receive a psychiatric assessment to determine any possible mental illness if they have not already been diagnosed. Referring clinicians can help our staff by providing a history of their treatment along with the personal history that the patient provides. Their testing and assessment can help guide our therapists and counselors to come up with a customized treatment plan that will incorporate methods necessary for their unique issues. We work with other facilities and treatment professionals to provide the most exceptional care for every client that we enroll into our recovery program. Treatment professionals can contact our facility to work with our experienced staff members to come up with a solution for any client that needs to complete the journey to recovery.