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Group Therapy

Group Therapy in St. Augustine FL

Humans have a strong need for contact and social interaction; this is especially true when dealing with high-stress or difficult situations. At Dr. Paul's By The Sea, we use group therapy to help patients share their struggles with substance abuse with others who share similar stories. Our St. Augustine rehab provides licensed counselors that lead discussions and gives structure to the group setting. Learn more about our addiction treatment center and how we can help you achieve recovery


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Why Group Therapy?

While individual therapy gives people in recovery the chance to talk about problems privately, group therapy offers them the opportunity to receive support and feedback from their peers. In a therapeutic community setting, patients can share and listen to stories, bond with others who have been through similar experiences, and gain essential communication skills from the group dynamic.

The need for human interaction and contact has been biologically proven. Humans are social creatures and need to be around others to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. The desire and need to be around others work well in a therapeutic setting. A structured therapy group, led by a licensed counselor, can be excellent support for those with the group. It also encourages others to share personal experiences.

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A group setting designed for therapeutic goals can provide guidance and stability. The community that forms through these groups offer a safe place to go during a time of crises. With the counselor's leadership, the people involved in the group will learn new social skills and build healthy relationships.

Through group therapy, patients in recovery can receive emotional support from their therapists and peers. They are there to help them through any difficulties that affect their ability to remain sober. The support of a group of peers can give people the strength and motivation to continue working hard in their efforts throughout treatment.


Joint Commission Accredited

Dr. Paul By The Sea is fully credentialed and licensed in the state of Florida by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO). JCAHO is unanimously considered the gold standard of addiction treatment by industry professionals. Knowing that the facility has obtained this certification should be a top priority for individuals to look at when researching to find the right inpatient or outpatient treatment facility for them. 

We dedicate our facilities and treatment methods to ensuring that we provide the best available recovery options while maintaining professional levels of care. Please contact us today and hear how our caring staff of experts use their experience to implement evidence-based treatments to make sure each of our patients receives the most effective treatment regimens.


Sharing in a Group Setting

Therapy groups offer a secure place where patients can share their journey with substance abuse treatment. Those who participate in a group dynamic often find they have a lot in common with the others in the community. This reduces isolation and supports the recovery process. Witnessing the growth and improvement of another individual is also beneficial as it gives other group members something to aspire to. Group sessions are vital to helping those who struggle with the accompanying issues of addiction, such as depression, isolation, and shame. Providing this unique peer support system increases the chances of a successful recovery.


Group therapy sessions are led by a professional therapist that has training in facilitating meaningful group discussions. Each member of the group can have the opportunity to speak and share any stories, feelings, or thoughts on subjects related to their addiction and the process of their recovery. As people within the group share, others can give helpful feedback or offer support once they have finished speaking.

The most significant benefit of group therapy for many people is seeing that everyone has similar stories and has been through many of the same experiences that they have in their addiction. Hearing other people share personal stories can be a massive relief. It makes each person realize that they are not alone and that their problems are not more significant or different from other people's problems. It can be an essential revelation for people to see that addiction can happen to anyone, and their struggles are familiar to everyone in the group.


Tricare & TriWest Insurance Accepted

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is proud to provide service to the men and women in our military forces. We thank you and accept Tricare insurance, allowing us to provide high-quality health resources to active-duty and veteran service members.

Our rehab center near the city of Jacksonville provides substance use disorder and mental health treatments for these service members and their families.   

Tricare Accepted Rehab

Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction

The dynamic of a group therapy session is the right way for recovering addicts to practice the communication skills that can help them once they leave treatment. They can become more accustomed to speaking openly and honestly in front of others and relating to their peers. Many people with addictions become isolated and avoid sharing their feelings with friends and family members.

Group therapy is a way for them to finally be vulnerable and relate to them instead of escaping through substance abuse. For many patients, it can be hard at first to open up and become comfortable speaking about personal things to a group. Eventually though, every person in a therapy group will benefit from sharing and using their own experiences to help others. The therapist leading the group will act as a moderator and make sure that everyone supports each other and provides their valuable insight.

Different types of therapies can be most effective in treating addiction, with group therapy as an integral part. At Dr. Paul's By The Sea, clients in our treatment program will experience the benefits of group therapy while working to eliminate the symptoms of their addiction. Relating to others and becoming connected with them on a deeper level helps every patient grow into a more emotionally intelligent and mature person. Patients will notice positive changes in themselves, and the way they interact with others, the more they spend time in a group setting, the more they heal through the support of their peers.


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