Insurance Verification Form

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea can accept many different insurance plans for those who need to enroll in our recovery program. We accept insurance payments up front in full or as partial payments for the cost of treatment. The extent of your insurance coverage can differ depending on your individual plan so make sure to submit an insurance verification form to determine how much of the treatment your benefits will cover. A number of insurance plans can cover our treatment but filling out a verification form can help us find the extent of your coverage whether it will be partial or full payment. For plans that do not pay the cost of treatment in full, patients can provide a deposit or copayment if out of pocket maximums have not been met or their insurance has limited coverage for our services. If our services are not at all covered by your plan we can sometimes obtain a single case agreement with your insurance provider to cover the cost while you are involved in a recovery program at Dr. Paul’s By The Sea.