Gestalt Therapy

Addiction recovery can be more effective when treatment programs employ a variety of different approaches for treating each patient. Some people can benefit from particular therapy methods such as gestalt therapy which can help improve a person’s mood and psychological state. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea our recovery program can offer patients different options for their recovery in therapy and each counselor can individualize treatment based on their needs. Our therapists can use the approach of gestalt therapy when it is applicable to the patient because they need help with their reaction to present stresses and fears. Gestalt therapy is useful in treating some of the emotional causes of addiction and helps patients become more aware of how their feelings can influence their behavior. The addition of this type of therapy can fit into the larger picture of treatment and supplement existing therapies to further combat symptoms of addiction.

The Methods of Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy was established in the 1940s as a type of experiential psychotherapy that encourages patients to become more aware of the present moment and the emotions they are experiencing at that point in time. This method of therapy is comprised of a combination of principles and elements of different therapeutic philosophies. Certain types of psychotherapy might focus more on the patient’s past but gestalt therapy only addresses the past by examining how those events affect the person in the present. This type of therapy is centered on the present moment and the patient increasing their awareness as they experience their present thoughts, emotions and perceptions to understand how these impact their reaction and behavior. Gestalt therapy helps people monitor their thoughts and feelings so that they do not escalate or get swept away by their emotions. It helps them to understand why they are thinking a certain way and how to remain conscious in the present to prevent self-destructive behavior.

Recovering through Awareness

Therapists in our recovery program can assess each patient and determine which type of therapies would best benefit them. Every person is unique and could have specialized needs such as requiring treatment for a mental illness along with their addiction problems. Gestalt therapy can prove effective for patients that struggle with being present in each moment and getting overwhelmed by their emotions. This kind of therapy can be a useful tool in helping patients see the connection between their thoughts and reactions to the present and how that leads them to engage in substance abuse. Instead of unconsciously reacting to situations, patients can gain more control and serenity in the present. Increasing awareness can be a good way to help the mind become healthier and more positive, reducing negative and destructive thoughts. Gestalt therapy can have immediate effects in improving a patient’s mood and state of mind so that they can focus on their recovery.

Having a variety of therapies available can help patients and therapists work together to create a customized treatment plan that will eliminate addiction. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea offers gestalt therapy as an option among different types of therapies that can all be effective in changing a patient’s psychological state. Our clients will be able to experience the benefits of gestalt therapy and any other type of therapy that they need to get the most out of their treatment.