Holistic Therapy

In recovery, people need to address their problems from different standpoints including physical, mental and spiritual. It can be helpful to get involved in more than just talk therapy and group meetings but to improve overall well-being with alternative therapies. Dr. Paul’s By The Sea offers our clients holistic therapy sessions as a way to diversify treatment and give patients new options that could change their health for the better. Therapies like acupuncture, tai chi, yoga and meditation can all be effective ways to heal the body, mind and spirit so a person can experience a higher level of well-being. The combination of psychotherapy, group therapy and holistic therapy can give patients in recovery a sense of balance and the chance to work towards optimal health. Holistic therapy can be individualized so that each patient is focusing work on their own personal issues.

Reasons for Holistic Treatment

What sets holistic therapy apart from other types of treatment is that it considers the whole person and each of the interdependent parts that can affect overall health. The belief in these types of therapies is that if one aspect of a person’s body mind or spirit is not working properly, it negatively affects them as a whole human being. Holistic medicine is also designed to treat the cause of problems rather than simply alleviating symptoms. Activities like yoga and meditation are good for the body but they can also treat psychological and spiritual needs. Acupuncture is used to treat physical ailments but it can also release negative emotional energy that is stored in the body, reducing anxiety and stress. Holistic therapies have proven to be effective at fighting addiction and combined with other types of therapies can increase the success of people in recovery. These types of therapies can work to help treat some of the causes of a person’s addiction as well as the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings that could be problematic throughout treatment.

Incorporating Holistic Therapy in Recovery

The benefit of including holistic therapy in a recovery treatment program is that it can address aspects of health that may not be covered by other therapies. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea our clients have the option of using holistic treatments for their individual concerns. Our program can take each patient’s needs into account and they can work with their therapist to come up with a customized holistic treatment plan. As their health improves and their needs evolve they can continue to change their treatment plan so that it reflects their growth and progress. Therapists will work with each client to monitor their mood and evaluate how their holistic treatments are helping in their overall recovery. These supplemental therapies can be another way to boost each patient’s mood, help them make lifestyle changes, and rid them of physical and emotional pain. Holistic treatments are also a good way for patients to get more in touch with their spirituality which can be a crucial part of recovering from an addiction. Utilizing a variety of therapy methods including alternative treatments can be a way to ensure that all a patient’s needs are met and they can achieve complete recovery.