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2020 Guide to Dealing with Holiday Depression

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“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Andy Williams became the biggest Christmas single in history. We quote this song to this day, as Christmas is exactly what the song describes: full of cheer. Yet, not everyone feels this much joy during the holidays.  In fact, approximately 4-6% of the population experiences holiday depression […]

rehab in florida

The Benefits of Going to Rehab in Florida

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Why rehab in Florida? It can become overwhelming trying to find rehab programs that check off all of your boxes. Here in the state of Florida, choosing the perfect rehab center is so easy because of its benefits. From the warm weather, beaches, trained professionals, and growing opportunities, picking a rehab in Florida is a […]

Dr Pauls By The Sea Covid Update

COVID-19 Update

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We understand there are ongoing questions and concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, and how it applies to you and your loved ones here in our program. Our goal is to keep our clients, employees, families and community partners updated and informed on Dr. Paul’s By The Sea’s response as it […]

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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What is the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment? First, it is essential to know what a dual diagnosis is. For someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and also displaying mental health symptoms, a label of dual diagnosis describes their co-occurring disorder. This diagnosis means a person needs recovery treatment covering two areas: Mental Health […]

Addiction and Mental Health

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How addiction and mental health goes hand in hand -by Dr. Paul’s by the Sea At Dr. Paul’s addiction and mental health facilities, we recognize how addiction problems go hand in hand with mental health issues. Our team is licensed and accredited to offer the best treatment and accommodations to those who are seeking recovery. […]

Inpatient Mental Health Rehab

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Come and heal at Dr. Paul’s Inpatient Mental Health Rehab by the Sea! At. Dr. Paul’s we provide the best space for healing in the St. Augustine, FL area. For years, our inpatient mental health rehab programs have helped those whose lives have become unmanageable due to intense symptoms or mental health disorders. Our philosophy […]

Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatment

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Learn the Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatment Dr. Paul’s is an Inpatient Mental Health facility located in St. Augustine. Our licensed and accredited program provides effective treatment that brings long-term results to our clients. For many cases seen in our inpatient treatment setting, their symptoms have caused life to become unmanageable. For an individual who […]

PTSD Rehab

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Licensed and accredited rehab services Experienced PTSD Rehab by the Sea – St. Augustine Florida For years, Dr. Paul’s effective PTSD rehab has provided a licensed recovery program for those whose lives have become unmanageable due to PTSD. These symptoms of trauma, fear, paranoia, depression, and others, all contribute […]

PTSD Treatment

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St. Augustine, Florida – Licensed Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment A supportive and therapeutic approach to PTSD Treatment At Dr. Paul’s inpatient program for PTSD Treatment, we see individuals that are suffering and in need of regular support. With post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), flashbacks, recurring negative thoughts, thoughts of paranoia, and other concerns, make it difficult […]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Licensed Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment The best approach to dual diagnosis treatment is offered at our St. Augustine, Florida location by the sea! For those given the label of dual diagnosis, effective inpatient care can help avoid a crisis and provide a stable recovery-oriented environment. Dual diagnosis typically means […]