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Helping a Loved One Seek Treatment

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If you have a loved one who is going through a difficult time and needs therapy, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to go about helping. With mental health concerns affecting as many as one in four adults and one in ten children, access to effective care is essential. The good news is that therapy […]

Self-Care For Nurses

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Why is Self – Care Necessary? Self- Care is necessary for medical professionals in order to provide their patients with the best treatment possible, nurses need to practice self-care. Jennifer A. O’Neill, chief nursing officer at the Hospital for Special Surgery, states that self-care must not be considered a luxury but a necessity. “Nurses are […]


Nurse Burnout During the Covid Pandemic

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You finish with your 12-hour shift at the hospital. You’re physically and emotionally exhausted. There were too many patients and not enough staff again. As you pull into your driveway, you realize you’re dreading your next shift. You don’t want to eat and find yourself getting irritated at the smallest things. “What is happening?” you […]


Challenges That Veterans Face When Leaving the Military

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When switching cultures from the military, what do veterans deal with? The two lifestyles are so different that there are often unexpected challenges. Veterans may expect some of the troubles ahead when transitioning from military to civilian life. Yet there are hidden pitfalls they aren’t prepared for like cultural changes, employment obstacles, and medical or […]


Dogs and PTSD: How PTSD Service Dogs Can Help Veterans

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If you or a loved one are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you’re not alone. Estimates show that one in 11 people will be diagnosed with this disorder in their lifetimes. The intense, disturbing feelings and thoughts associated with PTSD can have a major impact on your day-to-day life. While different treatment options work […]

ways to help veterans with mental illness

Ways to Help Veterans with Mental Illness

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Do you have a veteran in your life? Veterans have made a lot of great sacrifices in order to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy. If you know a veteran, you’re probably already aware of this and want them to be able to have the best treatment possible, both from society and from any […]


2020 Guide to Dealing with Holiday Depression

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“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Andy Williams became the biggest Christmas single in history. We quote this song to this day, as Christmas is exactly what the song describes: full of cheer. Yet, not everyone feels this much joy during the holidays.  In fact, approximately 4-6% of the population experiences holiday depression […]

rehab in florida

The Benefits of Going to Rehab in Florida

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Why rehab in Florida? It can become overwhelming trying to find rehab programs that check off all of your boxes. Here in the state of Florida, choosing the perfect rehab center is so easy because of its benefits. From the warm weather, beaches, trained professionals, and growing opportunities, picking a rehab in Florida is a […]

Dr Pauls By The Sea Covid Update

COVID-19 Update

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We understand there are ongoing questions and concerns regarding the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, and how it applies to you and your loved ones here in our program. Our goal is to keep our clients, employees, families and community partners updated and informed on Dr. Paul’s By The Sea’s response as it […]

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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What is the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment? First, it is essential to know what a dual diagnosis is. For someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and also displaying mental health symptoms, a label of dual diagnosis describes their co-occurring disorder. This diagnosis means a person needs recovery treatment covering two areas: Mental Health […]