Family Treatment Program

Addiction is not just a problem that affects an individual; it is something that impacts everyone in their lives. When someone has an addiction, their family members can be involved in ways that create dysfunction and tension between each person. That is why including family in the process of addiction treatment can help not only the addict heal but also the people closest to them.

Our Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Center in St. Augustine offers a family program that will include a client’s family members in certain aspects of recovery treatment so that they can be educated about their loved one’s illness and find ways to help them. Incorporating family members in treatment can help them be more aware of any of their behaviors that contribute to their loved one’s addiction. It is also a chance to repair any broken relationships that suffered because of substance abuse.

Resolving Family Issues

When a family member has an addiction there can be several issues present within the family that need to be resolved such as enabling, codependency, dysfunction, and denial.

Their family members might not realize that they are enabling their loved one to continue their abuse by covering up for them or cleaning up after their mistakes.

They might believe they are helping them or doing what’s right but as long as an addict never faces the consequences of their actions they will continue behaving in the same way.

Family Therapy Program in St. Augustine, Florida

When a family member supports an addict financially or emotionally it creates a dysfunctional relationship that can often worsen the problem. In some cases, an addict’s own denial might also transfer to other family members that convince themselves there is no issue with substance abuse and everything is fine. This denial may be a coping strategy for family members but it only serves to allow the addiction to progress.

Improving Interaction and Family Life

Through a family program, an individual in recovery can include the closest members of their family so that they can learn more about addiction and get involved in therapy. With group meetings, lectures, educational seminars and one-on-one counseling every member of the family can improve their communication and become better influences for each other.

Family interaction can be a key issue in the life of an addicted person and creating a more positive family life is a major factor in staying sober. Each person must learn to identify which of their behaviors are contributing to addiction and how to change patterns so that substance abuse will not continue. In one-on-one counseling, each member of the family will face their own feelings of guilt, anger, resentment or fear that have developed as a result of someone’s substance abuse.

Family therapy can help motivate clients to better their relationships and become more reliable individuals that their family can count on. They will learn just how much their behavior affects everyone around them and how being more in control can change family life.

Our family program is available to help improve the interaction between family members and ensure that none of the issues amongst these relationships will affect a person’s recovery. When a loved one engages in substance abuse, family members all cope with the problem in different ways. Our program will help motivate the entire family to take on more positive roles and communicate more openly with one another to facilitate long-term sobriety.