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One-On-One Therapy

Therapy Treatment in St. Augustine FL

The most basic type of therapy that proves to be a necessity in recovery is individual therapy in which a patient speaks one-on-one with an experienced and knowledgeable counselor. At Dr. Paul's By the Sea, we have a team of highly trained medical professionals that utilize evidence-based therapy practices, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Learn more about our counselors and the individual therapy program we provide at our St. Augustine rehab facility.


Start the recovery process. Rid your body of toxins and become free from your dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Residential Rehab

Get to the heart of your addiction. Learn coping skills to help you overcome cravings and learn to live a sober life.

Outpatient Rehab

Maintain your sober support system while you take a step back into your obligations at work and at home. Continue the recovery process.

Therapy & Addiction

The reason one-on-one counseling is so important is that it enables them to understand the underlying causes of their issues with substance abuse. While a variety of factors can contribute to a person's need to use drugs, often they will struggle with a mental illness or managing stress and anxiety. Individual therapy can help address the psychological issues that cause the cycle of addiction and make it so difficult to eliminate. Counselors are better able to assess a patient's individual needs in a one-on-one setting and educate them about how to change their thoughts and behavior.

The Benefits of Therapy Treatment

While in individual therapy, a person can discuss personal problems in a safe and private setting where they will feel more comfortable being vulnerable. These therapy sessions might be the first time in several years that an addict has opened up about their thoughts and feelings. People with addictions tend to withdraw from others, become closed off, and hide what they are going through. It can be a cathartic experience to discuss emotional issues and past problems with a therapist who can provide useful advice and insight into resolving these issues.

One-on-one therapy is necessary for people in recovery especially in the first phases of withdrawal because they need someone who can focus on their individual needs. While going through withdrawal people usually experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they no longer have the option of altering their moods through substances. Discussing what they are experiencing in a private setting can help each patient feel more stable as they get past the hardest phases of recovery.

Advantages of one-on-one therapy include:


Anything that is discussed between the patient and counselor is private and protected by doctor patient confidentiality.

Level of Care

Whether participating in group therapy or individual therapy the level of care remains the same. However, in one-on-one therapy, the treatment and analysis can be more in-depth and comprehensive than in a group therapy setting.

Pace of Treatment

The pace of the patient's treatment can be customized to their specific needs. It can be sped up or slowed down based on what is best for the patient's treatment progress.

Joint Commission Accredited

Dr. Paul By The Sea is fully credentialed and licensed in the state of Florida by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO). JCAHO is unanimously considered the gold standard of addiction treatment by industry professionals. Knowing that the facility has obtained this certification should be a top priority for individuals to look at when researching to find the right inpatient or outpatient treatment facility for them. 

We dedicate our facilities and treatment methods to ensuring that we provide the best available recovery options while maintaining professional levels of care. Please contact us today and hear how our caring staff of experts use their experience to implement evidence-based treatments to make sure each of our patients receives the most effective treatment regimens.


Learning to Cope with Stress & Addiction

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A counselor that works individually with patients is able to not only listen to their problems but also teach them the skills that will help them deal with stress more effectively. One of the major factors contributing to substance abuse is when the patient chooses to self-medicate in order to alleviate stress.

When someone becomes sober they have to find new and more effective coping mechanisms that help them eliminate or reduce their stress levels. In individual counseling, a therapist can get to know their patient’s unique triggers, what causes their stress and can help them come up with solutions that will keep them from returning to their addictive habits.

In many cases, people with addictions are also dealing with symptoms of mental illness that make them more inclined to self-medicate. Individual therapy offers them the chance to understand more about their psychological state and how to reduce the symptoms of their illness.


Many people in recovery were never diagnosed for issues like depression, anxiety or other disorders that could have been a major cause of their addiction. Individual therapy can be a way to uncover mental health problems that are at the root of a person’s substance abuse.


Tricare & TriWest Insurance Accepted

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is proud to provide service to the men and women in our military forces. We thank you and accept Tricare insurance, allowing us to provide high-quality health resources to active-duty and veteran service members.

Our rehab center near the city of Jacksonville provides substance use disorder and mental health treatments for these service members and their families.   

Tricare Accepted Rehab

Individual Therapy at Dr. Paul's By The Sea

At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, our one-on-one therapy sessions can assist patients in addressing the emotional issues that are central to their addiction. Our therapists understand how a person’s psychological well-being and their ability to handle stress can impact their relationship to substances.

With individual therapy, each of our clients can benefit from talking about their problems and gaining insight into their own actions. Eventually, therapy sessions will give them the ability to handle their emotional life in healthier, more effective ways.


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