Rehab for depression

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Dr. Paul’s by the sea – Best rehab for depression

Considering a Rehab for Depression?

When a severe depression or manic depression strikes, a family is put to the test. Caring for a person with depression, trauma or any depressed state is not an easy task. For someone suffering from depression, the will to carry on is not always there, and with this type of mindset, the courage to even perform basic tasks becomes compromised. Usually, since depression is widespread, finding a rehab for depression is not the first course of action. Most individuals or families will first seek the help of a therapist who will try to get to the root of the issues via therapy. If that is not successful, a psychiatrist consulted, and medications prescribed such as the antidepressant Prozac. The goal of antidepressant medications is to help fight off the depressed state and provide comfort; however, for many with depression, the drugs either do not work or lose their effectiveness over time. With these antidepressants, an individual’s brain chemistry is being affected, and an overwhelming number of medication users find themselves with side effects or harmful effects from the medications.

How Dr. Pau’ls rehab for depression is helping people regain hope for life.

After a while, a person begins to lose hope, and that is when Dr. Paul’s rehab for depression can step in. Our caring and dedicated team helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, and even dual diagnosis, to learn the tools they need to move on with life and succeed to the best of their ability. Our trained team can assist with Medication Management as well to make sure the individual is taking any prescribed meds as recommended. The most significant contributors to problems leading to rehab for depression have to do with noncompliance with an antidepressant medication. An individual who is not medication compliant, someone who takes too much of their prescribed meds, or a person attempting to stop antidepressants cold turkey, these cases will usually result in a shock to the brain chemistry that causes more severe symptoms. Issues such as acute mania, delusions, paranoia, and other major mental health concerns, can be traced back to abrupt changes to one’s psychiatric medication. Working with the skilled team at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea can help ensure comprehensive and appropriate care is provided to someone suffering severe depression.

Dr. Paul’s St. Augustine Rehab for depression is providing real results and success!

At Dr. Paul’s we take pride in offering the best rehab for depression in St. Augustine, Florida. Our inpatient center for depression is state licensed, accredited, and accepts most major insurance policies for fully covered rehab. Being able to open our doors to individuals that lack the funds to pay massive out of pocket fees, has helped Dr. Paul’s by the Sea become one of the most trusted locations offering rehab for depression. Over the years, our treatment modalities have helped thousands of individuals suffering from depression, addiction or dual diagnosis. When a person checks into Dr. Paul’s by the Sea rehab for depression, we understand that a reliable treatment approach and healthy environment could mean the difference between making a recovery or not. Having the trained staff, amenities, and the educational tools needed to provide healing is what the team at Dr. Paul’s has worked hard on for many years. From the moment someone in crisis arrives at our licensed rehab for depression, our team is providing support and reassurance. When dealing with depression symptoms, a lot of one on one attention and support will help the patient begin to come out of their shell and begin to heal.

Rather than searching for depression cures, and then talking yourself out of getting real help, call us at (855) 924-4577. Dr. Paul’s by the Sea offers a toll-free helpline for those who are suffering and needing information about Rehab for Depression