PTSD Treatment

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St. Augustine, Florida – Licensed Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A supportive and therapeutic approach to PTSD Treatment

At Dr. Paul’s inpatient program for PTSD Treatment, we see individuals that are suffering and in need of regular support. With post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), flashbacks, recurring negative thoughts, thoughts of paranoia, and other concerns, make it difficult to live on one’s own. Our licensed team of Mental Health experts aims to provide the space and treatment needed for an individual to begin to turn their symptoms around and start to recover. Through daily engagement, treatment for negative symptoms that occur, and a recovery based routine, participants can enjoy their PTSD Treatment at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea. The comforting setting and caring treatment team make for the best inpatient rehab experience.

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea has helped thousands of individuals find support during their early recovery.

We want to see everyone get the best PTSD Treatment possible!

Our treatment center is proud to accept Tricare Insurance to assist military vets with PTSD treatment. Our St. Augustine location is licensed and accredited for inpatient mental health treatment, and we can take most insurance policies for fully covered long-term PTSD treatment. Over the years we have exceeded all the professional and licensing requirements to bring effective insurance covered Treatment to the public.

Effective treatments include:

– Inpatient PTSD Treatment
– Dual Diagnosis Treatment
– Depression and Anxiety Treatment
– Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment
– Inpatient Mental Health
– Detox and Crisis assistance available

What is PTSD Treatment for?

For many suffering from PTSD, post-traumatic experiences create real present life issues. Flashbacks, or remembering of traumatic experiences, consume the individual’s thoughts in current time. Often, a person who has PTSD will experience nightmares, problems sleeping, delusions, or paranoia, and these problematic symptoms make it hard to live life at home or in a family unit. Many who have PTSD will become dependent on psychiatric medication to alleviate the symptoms; some will even self-medicate through the use of alcohol or other more powerful drugs. When looking at a situation of this magnitude in oneself or a loved one, the team at Dr. Paul’s can step in and provide the daily care and oversight needed for the individual to recover.

PTSD Treatment at Dr. Paul’s is also available to cover any dependency issues, dual diagnosis, or alcohol use. Dr. Paul’s can help with virtually any mental health or addiction-related problem and encourages a healthy and sober lifestyle moving forward.

As part of our long-term PTSD treatment, we include recovery based teachings, activities, groups and meetings. We find that helping a person become comfortable in a health-oriented setting will help them adopt healthier lifestyle upon leaving treatment and integrating back into society. Having the support and fellowship of healthy and like-minded individuals will significantly improve the chances of complete long-term recovery from PTSD, as well as other mental health concerns.

Why not enjoy your environment while recovering from PTSD?

For many with PTSD, physical health and outdoor activity may not be a regular occurrence. Dr. Paul’s program realizes your environment does matter, and we see every day how physical fitness and exercise can help a person that is being negatively affected by symptoms. A person that is having negative thoughts or moods is their own worst enemy. Often, those suffering PTSD will sit in a ruminating cycle of negative thinking for hours or even days. Part of achieving recovery in this type of case is helping a person become more social, learn to express their feeling outwardly, and communicate. Dr. Paul’s has been of assistance to military vets with PTSD, as well as citizens across America. Our intensive inpatient treatment not only helps ensure each patient is safe and given proper medical care, but we also go out of our way to connect with each and help improve their circumstances.

To learn more about how Dr. Paul’s offers success with PTSD Treatment, or to inquire about a vacancy at our PTSD Treatment Center by the Sea, please contact our team today.

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