Heroin Treatment

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Effective Heroin Detox and Long-Term recovery.
Full insurance coverage!
St. Augustine, Florida

The best Heroin Treatment center for long-term sobriety is located in St. Augustine, FL

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea is one of many successful heroin treatment locations offered by our recovery team. Knowing that most heroin users are going to experience a severe heroin detox, Dr. Paul’s offers licensed and accredited heroin detox services in addition to our successful long-term heroin treatment program. The heroin detox is not only the scariest aspect of initial recovery from heroin use; detox can also cause mental and physical symptoms requiring medical oversight. For this reason, choosing a rehab like Dr. Paul’s that offers fully covered heroin treatment, is the most cost-effective way to begin recovery from Opioids.

Getting heroin treatment covered by insurance

Insurance does not adequately cover most long-term and successful heroin rehab programs. Some insurance policies will only cover an initial detox, which leaves the heroin user still afflicted with behavioral issues and addictive behaviors. At Dr. Paul’s heroin treatment center we prefer to provide full and comprehensive heroin treatment. No shuffling around from detox to detox, our inpatient heroin rehab services will guide any person suffering from heroin withdrawal or addiction through each step of their recovery.

Dr. Paul’s over the last decade has worked closely with insurance companies to provide effective rehab covered by insurance. The result of our efforts means our heroin detox and long-term rehab for heroin is included, often covered 100% by participating insurance companies. Contact us for a review of your drug use history, and insurance information, to get approved for rehab immediately. Typically someone needing inpatient heroin treatment will be accepted and admitted for heroin detox within 24 hours.

Recovery Tools learned at Dr Paul’s Heroin Treatment center

In recovery from heroin, having a solid set of daily practices and recovery-oriented activities helps to be firm in one’s sobriety. Taking care of one’s mind, body and spirit is often a holistic recovery practice that offers long-term success.

Mental Health recovery – A person newly recovered from heroin use, should regularly work on mental health symptoms and negative perceptions. Anger management, stress management, and life skills will help ensure a gradual mental health recovery once the immediate addiction and drug use has stopped. For some addicted to heroin, medications may be required to manage mental health symptoms that arise during recovery from heroin. Whatever the situation. Dr. Paul’s heroin treatment program is licensed and qualified to help.

Physical recovery from heroin use – Heroin addicts usually have an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, and nutrient intake issues. Health concerns, especially in IV users, can include severe liver or kidney damage. For any heroin user, getting into a daily physical health routine, and having healthy mindfulness practices, helps set the stage for long-term recovery. At Dr. Paul’s our medical team will work individually with each addict to create a valuable recovery plan that includes daily physical health and dietary recommendations.

Spiritual recovery from Heroin addiction – Spiritual healing can be something as fundamental as identifying what gives a person a zest for life, or motivation to work towards a goal. Individuals with a higher power, or religious beliefs, can make a recovery plan that includes their religious practice. For those with no regular spiritual practices, our supportive recovery environment offers the tools needed to embrace a full heroin recovery.

Dr. Paul’s Effective Heroin Treatment Centers and other locations

Although Dr. Paul’s heroin treatment center is primarily located in St. Augustine, Florida, we also have treatment locations nationwide for someone needing an out of state option.
-Florida Heroin Treatment
-California Heroin Treatment
-Saint Pete Beach, Florida Heroin Treatment
-St. Augustine, Florida Heroin Treatment
-Los Angeles Heroin Treatment
-Laguna Beach Heroin Treatment

Dr. Paul’s, not only provides the most effective solution for heroin treatment but is also licensed to handle mental health symptoms, including dual diagnosis. This is important because it is normal for a heroin addict to display psychological health symptoms such as:
– Aggression
– Delusions
– Drug-Induced Psychosis
– Trauma
– Depression
– Mania
– Addictive Patterns

Mental health symptoms, gone unaddressed, will lead to the addict receiving an incomplete treatment for heroin use. Without addressing the full picture of one’s heroin addiction and behavioral patterns. For an addict with a history of mental health diagnoses like bipolar, schizoaffective, PTSD, trauma, mania, or other serious mental illnesses, going to a heroin treatment program that has dual diagnosis capabilities means a complete heroin treatment. Dual diagnosis rehab involves individual counseling and mental health aspects being included in the treatment plan and incorporated into the addicts long-term healing plan. Dual diagnosis programs are also able to provide medication management for those needing prescription medication to aid in mental health symptoms.

For any heroin user that also fights mental health symptoms, Dr. Paul’s dual diagnosis and heroin treatment program in St, Augustine, Florida, is the best option fully covered by insurance.

Regardless of a person’s preferences for rehab, Dr. Paul’s effective heroin treatment programs offer the tools needed and medical oversight, in order to promote a meaningful recovery from heroin use. A simple 15 minute phone call is all it takes to begin on the path towards healing and recovery from substance abuse.

To learn more about our Heroin Treatment Location
Dr. Paul’s by the Sea
St. Augustine, FL

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