Getting Out of a Spiritual Slump

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Getting Out of a Spiritual Slump

An important part of recovery, especially in twelve step programs is finding your higher power in order to develop some kind of spiritual life. Spirituality can keep people motivated and connected to the process of change as it gives them something greater to believe in. Many people in recovery find their own path to spirituality and experience fulfillment or faith in their own personal way.

However, for a lot of addicts in recovery there are moments when they begin to lose faith or go through a period where it becomes hard to connect to their spiritual life. A spiritual slump can be a common problem in twelve step programs or other types of treatment even among people that are completely willing to pursue their spirituality. Although anyone can experience it in spite of their best effort, it is possible to get out of a spiritual slump and get back on track to a more positive path.

Spiritual Slumps and Causes
Even for those who do not believe in any particular religion or take part in a church, spirituality can still be a helpful guide in times of distress. Regardless of what type of spirituality a person chooses, losing their faith or going through a slump can be detrimental to their recovery process. A slump can occur when a person loses sight of their higher power or begins to feel that there is no reason to hold onto their faith.

During a spiritual slump an addict in recovery may believe that their spiritual life is not helping them anymore and they can no longer participate in their practice. Although it may feel as though they have lost faith, the reality of the situation is more often that the addict needs to learn more about their spirituality and dive deeper into the subject. They could be stuck on other problems or dealing with completely unrelated things in their life that they think could affect them spiritually.

What to Do About a Slump
If you experiencing a feeling of losing your spirituality, often the solution to getting out of the slump is to pursue your spiritual life more deeply than before and seek more knowledge about it. You can accomplish this by talking to others who are more experienced in their spiritual life and can teach you more about a higher power or how they get in touch with their spirituality.

Having someone to guide you or give you direction can help you realize that what you are going through is simply a part of the process of becoming more spiritual. They may have gone through a similar experience themselves and can give you valuable advice on how they were able to get through it and move forward in their recovery. You can also try to look within yourself to find the answer to your spiritual problem.

Often times of quiet self-reflection and looking inward can help to resolve issues and get you more connected to your spirituality. Sometimes knowledge of your spirituality can only be found within yourself rather than from any outside source. It simply takes time and introspection to discover the solution.

If you are really struggling with a spiritual slump sometimes working through other issues, such as focusing on other steps in your program can help you get past the problem. Working on more twelve steps can help you get unstuck if there are some unrelated problems that are blocking your spiritual growth. It is never good to be stuck or in a slump so doing your best to resolve the issue can help you continue your path to recovery. It is important to do everything in your power to regain your sense of spirituality so that you can maintain a stable and positive outlook on life.