Drug and Alcohol rehab near me

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Drug and Alcohol rehab in St. Augustine, Florida
Those in Florida seeking Drug and Alcohol rehab near me, have access to the best drug rehab in St. Augustine, Florida!

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, a licensed and accredited Florida Drug and Alcohol rehab in St. Augustine, Florida, is available to most Florida residents fully covered by insurance. For anyone needing immediate treatment, searching for “Drug and Alcohol rehab near me” could result in many untrustworthy locations being offered. Our goal at Dr. Paul’s is to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment at our world-class facilities in St. Augustine. Anyone needing assistance, even out of state clients, can qualify for fully covered drug and alcohol rehab using most major insurances. And for those without insurance, we offer affordable treatment options including:
– Drug and alcohol rehab near St. Augustine
– Dual Diagnosis rehab
– Drug and alcohol medical detox included
– Long term drug and alcohol recovery programs
– Sober living for ongoing sobriety focused living

Why is it essential to find Drug and Alcohol rehab near me?

While most online searchers think that finding a local rehab is always the best fit, sometimes an insurance policy, or the client’s needs, may mean an out of state option is the wisest choice. For this reason, aside from Dr. Pauls Florida Drug and Alcohol rehab location, in St. Augustine, we also have treatment partners nationwide. Our goal is to ensure any addict wanting to heal, is given the best chance at recovery.

For example, an individual addicted to opioids or alcohol will need to have a medically supervised detox process to protect from any significant health concerns. For an individual like this, time is of the essence, as uncomfortable symptoms can often arise the same day the drug use stops. In a situation like this, Dr. Paul’s admissions team will assist the addict in finding immediate placement at one of our local drug and alcohol detox centers, to make sure the process of quitting drinking or stopping drugs, is met with professional care and attention.

Don’t know where to turn?

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea has helped thousands of people begin their recovery, call us anytime for advice, support, or to see if you qualify for our Drug and Alcohol rehab near me locations, call us at (855) 924-4577.

Drug and Alcohol rehab near me, for addicts with pending court issues or legal concerns

Often, when a person is dealing with pending court charges, such as a DUI, or even probation, they may be limited in where they can travel for drug and alcohol rehab. Dr. Paul’s by the sea, being involved locally in the St. Augustine area, has helped hundreds overcome active addiction and pending legal troubles to make amends and continue in their life, beyond the troubling days of their addiction. Due to Dr. Paul’s top-level accreditation and licensing, we can often help out of state callers make a treatment plan that is acceptable for most court-ordered rehab stays, and even get the treatment fully covered by out of state insurance. For someone dealing with pending charges, probation, or other drug-related penalties, our team of experts can be a most valuable resource. We can help you make sense of these requirements, and create a plan that puts you and your recovery first. So, while Drug and Alcohol rehab near me may be the most convenient approach, most people needing the best care and treatment for addiction, would seek out Dr. Paul’s treatment team for advice.

Regardless of an individual’s drug and alcohol use, Dr. Paul’s is confident that their time-tested, and active drug and alcohol rehabs, can be the catalyst needed to inspire long-term health and recovery. Please contact us for additional information, or review some of our testimonials to see how effective our recovery centers are for others.