Building a New Life After Addiction

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Building a New Life After Addiction

Quitting an addiction can mean so much more than focusing on staying abstinent from drugs or alcohol. Sobriety is easier to maintain when you make major changes in your life and leave behind many of the negative habits, people and places that contributed to your addiction. Because you may have to give up some of your old hangouts, friends or even hobbies it is important to fill that void with many new and more positive substitutes that will be a part of your new life.

Addiction was something that might have filled a lot of your empty moments and you need to find a way to manage your free time in ways that facilitate sobriety and happiness. It may be hard to let go of your old life and it will feel like a lot of work to building something completely new but it is the only way to prevent the possibility of falling back into old patterns.

Rejoining and Connecting with Others
A part of building a new life in recovery means being more active, involved and in a sense simply rejoining society. When you are an addict you tend to drop out of society and isolate yourself or only spend your time around other addicts. Many people with addictions can lose their job, drop out of school or withdraw from family commitments because they are so focused on the act of substance abuse.

Even for those who are still able to maintain a job or get through school they may be emotionally or mentally checked out from everyone around them. When you create a new sober life you need to change your habits of being withdrawn from everyone around.

You will need to participate more in your life by being a responsible and reliable employee, student and family member. Rejoining society also means being engaged with other people and staying connected rather than isolating yourself to pursue an addiction.

Finding New Passions
When you are going through the recovery process you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved in new activities and try different hobbies that you can continue to pursue after leaving treatment. As you build your new sober life it is important to find things that you are passionate about so that you are not spending too much time alone brooding or fighting cravings.

It is important to remind yourself of all the fun opportunities there are in life and focus on what you enjoy doing. Finding a new passion could also mean pursuing a new career or going back to school so that you achieve something you were not able to do when you were addicted.

As a sober person you may find it easier to focus on positive accomplishments as you are no longer weighed down by the need to engage in substance abuse. You may even discover talents and abilities within yourself that you never realized or dreamed that you had. Creating a new sober life can open the door to new experiences that never would have been possible in your past life.

It is never easy to leave behind an addiction but making a completely different life for yourself can be an even more difficult task. Taking recovery one step at a time and making small changes in order to form better habits can add up to significant progress. Spending time around people that make you feel happy and positive, engaging in activities that are challenging and rewarding and generally making an effort to be involved in your life can all make sobriety easier in the long run. The idea of changing your life completely can seem intimidating but in the end it is the best way to leave addiction behind in the past.