Best Heroin Rehab St. Augustine, FL

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Best Heroin Rehab St. Augustine Florida – Insurance Accepted

Dr. Paul’s by the sea is the best heroin rehab St. Augustine, FL has to offer. After servicing those suffering from mental health and addiction for decades, the treatment specialists at our licensed and accredited heroin rehab and dual diagnosis center help clients achieve lasting results. Through a proven addiction recovery process and long-term treatment options, our heroin rehab program is highly successful, with graduates seeing long-term benefits!

The dangers of Heroin Use in Florida

Once a person tries heroin once, it has a euphoric and pleasurable effect. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs, and also leads to rapidly increased use because it is easy to develop a tolerance. The problem with developing a tolerance to heroin is that increasingly, synthetic opioids like Fentanyl are being mixed with the heroin to increase dealers profit. So, a regular heroin user with a high tolerance will take a standard hefty dose of the drug, and overdose due to the synthetic Opioids deadly potency, and this is one of the main reasons the Opioid epidemic is killing so many Americans. And why programs like our St. Augustine heroin rehab are so crucial in the fight against opioid use!

Drug users are using potent Opioid drugs intravenously, smoking them, snorting them, all of these approaches that enhance the effectiveness of the drug (versus oral ingestion). But, with these approaches to Opioid use, the potential for overdose is very high. For centuries these powerful Opioid drugs have caused death, addiction, and illicit behavior. Our heroin rehab program is glad to be of assistance to end this horrible opioid epidemic!

How pain pills can lead to heroin addiction

When someone is abusing the Opioid heroin, it is only a matter of time before life gives them a choice between life or death. Many addicts will innocently enough begin their experience with a low strength pain pill like Vicodin, after oral surgery, or an injury. Next thing you know they become dependent and start seeking more potent opioids like oxycontin or increasing the dose. While many Opioid users will stick to the doctor’s orders and stop using Opioids after a short while, many will also continue taking the Opioids or try something stronger.

This is not to say that all heroin users began by using pain medications like Vicodin, just an example to show how the pattern of heroin addiction may arise. Whatever the situation is for you, or a loved one, our expert heroin addiction program can help.

Success at the Best Heroin Rehab St. Augustine, FL
Dr. Paul’s by the Sea is the best option for heroin rehab in Saint Augustine, and the thousands we have assisted over the years are a compelling testimony to the benefits of recovery. Helping heroin addicts, alcoholics, opioid users, or those suffering from mental health issues like PTSD is what makes our program so prevalent in the St. Augustine area. Come in and see us or call our heroin addiction hotline (855) 924-4577 for information on recovering with us at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea.

Immediate rehab covered by insurance – Same day approval!

Dr. Paul’s by the sea St. Augustine, FL heroin rehab is also fully covered by most insurance plans. Years of positive results working with heroin addicts in St. Augustine, FL has helped us develop long-term relationships with some of the major insurance carriers. Our goal is not only to help each opioid addict recover, but also to make the treatment experience as affordable and simple as possible. Typically, if someone is in need of Opioid Detox, our admissions team can guide them through a confidential process to be admitted to heroin rehab the same day. For families needing help getting a loved one to agree to treatment, or need to consider an intervention for heroin, we also can recommend successful approaches to accomplish this task. Our goal at Dr. Paul’s by the sea is to help Florida fight against this opioid epidemic by providing the Best heroin rehab St. Augustine, FL has to offer, at the most affordable rates with the highest recovery results.

Best Heroin rehab St. Augustine, FL

-Most affordable heroin rehab
-fully covered by insurance

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