Best Alcohol Rehab and Detox in St. Augustine, Florida

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Licensed and Accredited
St. Augustine, Florida Alcohol Rehab including detox

Practical and affordable alcohol rehab in Florida is now available to anyone who is suffering!

Anyone suffering from alcoholism, or helping a loved one seek recovery, can understand there are a lot of Florida alcohol rehabs to choose from. Looking in St. Augustine for “Rehab near me” will even produce a ton of out of state results. At Dr. Paul’s, we recommend you just call us for any alcohol treatment needs. For decades we have worked to help people recover. Dr. Paul’s Florida alcohol rehab is only one of its many locations across the country known to provide long-term results.

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, Florida alcohol rehab includes detox!

Our program is all-inclusive and fully covered by insurance. Dealing with alcoholism in a loved one or for oneself is hard enough. Finding a successful alcohol rehab program should not be stressful. Dr. Paul’s St. Augustine, FL alcohol rehab has helped thousands of people get sober and learn to enjoy life again. When an alcoholic decides to quit drinking finding an immediate alcohol detox with openings is the first step. Dr. Paul’s program includes an alcohol detox, and upon completion of the detox, the long-term alcohol rehab begins.

Long-term Alcohol rehab is more successful than just detoxing!

For most daily drinkers, it is not enough just to complete a 5-7 day alcohol detox. To defeat the addictive patterns, as well as overcome any physical and medical issues, the standard recommended time for alcohol rehab is 30-90 days. When looking for all-inclusive alcohol rehab, finding a long-term rehab is difficult, but after years of providing accredited rehab services, and promoting local alcohol recovery, Dr. Paul’s can now offer long-term rehab without requiring long-term payments or high out of pocket fees. Our success in the addiction recovery industry will help you save money on alcohol rehab and get more insurance coverage for rehab.

Treatment Locations are all accredited and state licensed

Dr. Paul’s Florida Rehab Locations include:
-St. Augustine, Florida Alcohol rehab and detox
-St. Augustine. Florida Inpatient Mental Health
-St. Augustine, Florida Heroin Rehab and Detox
-St. Augustine, Florida Opioid Rehab and Detox
-St Augustine, Florida Dual Diagnosis
-St Augustine Florida Inpatient PTSD

Best Florida Alcohol Rehab covered by insurance

Dr. Paul’s by the Sea offers alcohol treatment specialists that work closely with all major insurance carriers to provide a successful drug and alcohol rehab to as many people as possible. We keep a close eye on insurance claims and regularly update the insurance provider so that our clients get rehab covered by insurance. Our efforts take all of the financial worries away so the individual can focus on their recovery and healing.

Dr. Paul’s Florida alcohol rehab for in state or out of state residents

Florida Residents seeking alcohol rehab:
Most Florida natives looking for Florida alcohol rehab want something close to home. Dr. Paul’s has been offering effective alcohol rehabilitation programs across America for decades. Our St. Augustine, FL rehab location is licensed and accredited to provide effective alcohol rehab.

Non-Florida residents seeking alcohol rehab:

For out of state residents, wishing to travel to Florida from out of state for rehab, our Florida alcohol rehab can help. Dr. Paul’s accepts most major insurance for rehab and offer long-term alcohol recovery. 30-day alcohol rehab is the minimum recommended stay at our top Florida locations. Dr. Paul’s locations cover alcohol detox, 30-day rehab or up to 90-day alcohol rehab, and also offer long-term sober living solutions.

The best news is, our alcohol rehab program in Florida, and all of our locations, are fully covered by insurance. For those needing an affordable alcohol rehab stay, we offer the highest quality all inclusive rehab accommodations and decades of success.

Only the best, licensed alcohol recovery programs offered!

For someone who abuses alcohol or other drugs, recovery is a long-term approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Learning how to deal with triggers, urges to drink alcohol, as well as past traumas, will help begin a lasting path to sobriety. Being around a successful team of recovery specialists at Dr. Paul’s, with proven success in treating alcoholism, helps any addict enjoy a higher rate of progress in their recovery. Patients at Dr. Paul’s successful alcohol rehab program will participate in recovery based groups, one on one counseling, mindfulness-based practices, life skills training, and so many other aspects that help someone new in recovery, have a head start.

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