Affordable Alcohol Treatment

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea -St. Augustine, Florida Drug Treatment – Licensed and Accredited

Affordable Alcohol Treatment with real results!

For an alcoholic, by the time rehab enters the equation, a lot of problems are likely taking place. Some individuals in active alcohol addiction develop medical problems such as liver disease, others with a daily drinking habit may get into legal or court trouble such as a DUI. In 2018, reports indicate that a staggering one in every eight Americans deals with alcohol addiction. At Dr. Paul’s accredited alcohol rehab program we strive to offer Affordable Alcohol Treatment, and even have options covered fully by most major insurance companies. Our programs help alcoholics to maintain a stable footing in their recovery. Alcohol treatment with Dr. Paul’s by the Sea is all-inclusive, covering:
-Alcohol Detox
-30-day Alcohol rehab
-Long-term recovery programs (up to 90-day alcohol rehab)
-Extended sober living options

Dr. Paul’s highly successful and affordable alcohol treatment facility is the most trusted program in the St. Augustine, Florida area. And the dedicated treatment team has been helping alcoholics, and daily drinkers find sobriety at locations across America for decades.

To learn about admission to Dr. Paul’s, please call (855) 924-4577

Dangers of alcoholism and polysubstance abuse:

In current times, it is rare to encounter someone solely suffering from alcohol abuse. Typically, someone using alcohol will also use other illegal drugs, or even be taking prescribed medications for pain or mental health issues. If an individual is an alcoholic, drinking daily, or even binge drinking, adding in other drugs can have a deadly result. At Dr. Paul’s we have helped those needing to detox from alcohol abuse for years. Our supportive treatment staff and medical team help to make the detox process as bearable as possible. Having a level of support of this nature is unheard of at affordable alcohol treatment locations, but Dr. Paul’s brings a world-class alcohol rehab to its clients fully covered by most insurance plans.

A person suffering from alcohol abuse or even binge drinking can simply call our Admissions team for help checking into Dr. Pauls alcohol treatment center. In an emergency situation or crisis, our helpline team can help make the process of getting into rehab easy. Follow our 3 step process to getting approved for alcohol treatment!

Step One – Call Dr. Paul’s Affordable alcohol treatment center with your insurance details and current circumstances.

Step Two – Conduct a brief assessment with our staff to obtain the needed patient information.

Step Three – Get approved for rehab and check in immediately.

Dr. Paul’s alcohol rehab has helped thousands of people, we know that deciding to get treatment is not easy, and often, there is baggage that makes the whole situation very complicated. Whether you are facing a DUI, legal issues, or wanting to help a family member seek alcohol rehab, we can help.

Dr. Paul’s Affordable Alcohol Treatment Hotline (855) 924-4577

How to get a loved one to agree to seek alcohol treatment?

It is hard for a friend or family member to watch a loved one in the throes of addiction to alcohol or drugs. Sitting back and doing nothing is often hard for a loved one, being proactive is always the best approach! The problem is, any affordable alcohol treatment center in America is going to need the client or patient to be willing to be there. Alcohol rehab is a voluntary treatment; there is no mechanism for a person to receive involuntary alcohol rehab unless the courts get involved. So, rather than calling the cops on a loved on to have them dragged through the system, many loved ones seek to address the alcohol addiction on their own. Setting up a family intervention, or professional alcohol intervention is a highly successful way to get your loved one the professional care and support they need to recover.

Dr. Paul’s is helping families intervene when it comes to addiction, these days, with all the overdoses and severe mental health symptoms caused by drug use or even excessive alcohol use, there is no time to waste!

For Help, please contact us, or watch this video to learn more about an intervention for Affordable alcohol treatment.