The Importance Of “Alone Time”

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The Importance Of "Alone Time"
Solitude is something that has become increasingly difficult to find in today’s modern world. It is also something that is not talked about or valued as much as it was in the past. This is quite unfortunate because it means that more and more people are unaware of the value of being alone, and the benefits it can bring to them.

Our culture encourages us to fill our days with constant activity, chatter, and other distractions that keep us from simply sitting with our thoughts and emotions. Being alone is often equated with negative qualities, and people who enjoy spending time alone are seen as abnormal or sad.

The truth is, being alone is a necessary part of human existence and an opportunity for self growth, rejuvenation, and a healthy activity that has many benefits to our mental and physical health. The following are just a few of the ways that regularly giving yourself “alone time” can change your life and enhance well being.

1. It allows your brain and body to recharge. Taking time to turn yourself “off” is important for relaxing and unwinding both your brain and your body. Being alone and taking a total break from distractions (like the T.V., people, work, and even your smartphone) creates an opportunity to clear away unnecessary thoughts, focus on yourself, and rejuvenate mind and body. You’ll find that energy levels and concentration are greatly improved after making alone time a regular habit.

2. You can work harder, and more effectively. Solitude gives you the chance to sift through thoughts, feelings, and ideas to better determine which are important, and which do not deserve any fuss or worry. This allows you to return to your regular life with a clearer understanding of what your priorities are, making it possible to work harder and more effectively.

3.You can begin to build greater self awareness. Being around other people and distractions around the clock makes it nearly impossible to be aware of what’s going on inside of you. Alone time is a great opportunity to tap into your thoughts and emotions, and better understand them.

4.It encourages creativity and individuality. Some of your best ideas will arise during moments of rest and inactivity. Taking time to daydream or to just simply sit with yourself gives your mind an opportunity to roam freely with any outside pressures. Artists and other creative types say this is the time when they get some of their best ideas and discover where their true voice lies.

5. Solitude can help with problem solving. If you find yourself faced with a dilemma or a problem, the best thing to do is take break from it by spending some time alone. This gives your brain an opportunity to take a break from ruminating over a conflict or an important decision to recharge itself and gain a better perspective. You’ll find that a solution to a problem will naturally arise after spending some quality time alone.

6. Alone time can improve your relationships. This is because self awareness is enhanced through regularly spending time alone, and that quality enhances relationships with others. You’ll make better choices about the kind of people you want in your life, and what you want out of relationships in general.
7. Solitude recharges introverted people. If you’re an introvert, spending time in solitude is necessary for recharging and energizing your whole being. Even extroverts can enjoy alone time in limited quantities.