The Benefits of Going to Rehab in Florida

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rehab in florida

Why rehab in Florida?

It can become overwhelming trying to find rehab programs that check off all of your boxes. Here in the state of Florida, choosing the perfect rehab center is so easy because of its benefits. From the warm weather, beaches, trained professionals, and growing opportunities, picking a rehab in Florida is a no brainer. Receiving treatment through an addiction recovery program here will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on a new rewarding life.

Outdoor activity year-round

Various treatment methods are used to help you with substance abuse and mental health issues. Engaging in exercise and physical movement increases the chances of having long-term recovery. Who wouldn’t want to be active, receive its benefits, all while enjoying good weather outside? Having all four seasons can make outdoor activities less appealing and more difficult to do. Here in Florida, you can be active outside all year round.

Being active and getting regular exercise can help you restore endorphins in a healthy way without the use of drugs. Endorphins are often lacking after alcohol and drug abuse and need to be replenished. Exercise can help you improve your confidence, emotional stability, and help support the overall functioning of the body. Physical body functions become stronger, such as blood circulation and heart rate.

Many treatment facilities in Florida offer activities such as yoga, outdoor walks, and meditation to help you treat addiction. Other treatment options include therapy such as group or one-on-one therapy and pharmacological care. These activities and therapies help you work on yourself to restore mental and physical behaviors. It is especially nice when they can be done outdoors!

Warm weather improves recovery

Warm weather ultimately boosts recovery in countless ways. We now know that warm weather can encourage people to be active and engage in physical activity. It is commonly mistaken that only the people who already enjoy exercise, will like having the advantage of warm weather. Even if you find yourself not to be an active person, you can still benefit from warm weather and sunshine.

Rehab in Florida

The power of sunshine can strike in many ways, like a boost in your mood. Vitamin D plays a vital role in reducing occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, both anxiety and depression are issues that you can face during your journey to recovery. That is why warm weather and sunshine is so important. Even a small amount of sunshine can help overcome these problems.

Vitamin D is responsible for bone growth as well as stabilizing moods. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), getting about 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight on your arms, hands, and face two or three times a week is enough to reap the vitamin D-boosting benefits of the sun. Also, various studies have also proven that sunshine provides higher levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that controls stress, anxiety, and sleep, for example. High levels of serotonin can make your recovery process more efficient and have a positive impact. Altogether, sunshine and beaches are just more benefits of choosing a rehab in Florida. 

Your family and friends will find visiting a rehab center in Florida more attractive since it is the warm sunshine state. Most people enjoy warm weather, beaches, and theme parks. These factors can help encourage visits and make them fun for everyone.

In order to achieve recovery, it is important to be open to changing and growing in a positive way. Receiving increased levels of serotonin can help you tremendously along the way. Choosing a treatment center in the best environment and where you will feel comfortable is crucial in order to get well. But don’t worry, because this can all be accomplished by undergoing treatment at rehab in Florida.

An entertaining environment

Rehab in Florida

Getting help is more enjoyable in the sunshine state being near the happiest place on earth. Florida is home to Disneyworld, one of the largest, most iconic theme parks in the country. Just up the road from Disneyworld is another iconic theme park, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, which features the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is important to remember to reward yourself when you are making progress. Celebrating your progress through the recovery process can be a lot more fun with fun activities and great entertainment.  

Dr. Paul’s By The Sea is also located near St. Augustine, the world’s oldest city in the United States. St. Augustine is known for its Spanish architecture and Anastasia State Park, a protected wildlife sanctuary. The city is a truly beautiful historical area that also has great restaurants and shopping. It is nice to be near such remarkable places when you are recovering to begin your new life to sobriety.

The best trained specialists

It is no surprise that the sunshine state is one of the largest hubs for rehabilitation centers. Since there is a large gathering of Florida drug and alcohol facilities, it can be very competitive. The treatment centers are equipped with the most reputable addiction experts. At Dr. Paul’s By The Sea, there are many addiction treatment programs available for you to choose from. This rehab in Florida provides a safe environment that is staffed with trained professionals who provide personalized treatment for each patient. Some evidence-based treatment programs that are available to you include: 

A whole lot of opportunities

Some might know Florida as the recovery capital of the world. This is because individuals typically want to seek positive change and know the many benefits the state can provide. After finishing a recovery program, many people remain in touch and continue to be connected through wellness and support groups.

Florida continues to be a growing state in the United States. Economic opportunities and careers proceed to grow year after year. The tourism industry in the sunshine state can help you find a job after treatment much easier compared to other states. This is why many people choose to enter a rehab facility in Florida and then continue to live their new life thereafter.

Considering the opportunities Florida offers after rehab is important. The growing economic and career possibilities can help inspire you to move forward in a positive direction. If you or a loved one is interested in entering a rehab in Florida, contact Dr. Paul’s By The Sea. We are here to help you make the first steps to take back control of your life and start your journey to recovery.