PTSD Rehab

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Licensed and accredited rehab services

Experienced PTSD Rehab by the Sea – St. Augustine Florida

For years, Dr. Paul’s effective PTSD rehab has provided a licensed recovery program for those whose lives have become unmanageable due to PTSD. These symptoms of trauma, fear, paranoia, depression, and others, all contribute towards someone’s life spiraling out of control. Unfortunately, many of those who have PTSD from traumatic life experiences also will have trouble maintaining stable employment, friendly relationships, or even become disabled. Families across America get torn apart and face unneeded stress while trying to care for someone at home who is suffering severe post-traumatic stress disorder. All of these stresses take their toll, and for most, PTSD rehab is the only way to find peace and begin to heal.

How Dr. Paul’s PTSD Rehab promotes recovery

In both the local St. Augustine location, and at our facilities nationwide, we have been prominent advocates of recovery. Whether it be mental health recovery or related to sobriety from drugs or alcohol, our licensed programs are accredited to provide the best care covered by insurance. Our team takes pride in helping those recover at our inpatient PTSD rehab; we also share stories of those who have recovered in hopes of reaching those who may feel recovery is out of their grasp.

Most common cases needing PTSD rehab

First, it is essential to know that PTSD is very overwhelming and may even cause delusions or paranoia focused on loved ones, or those closest to the suffering person. We have heard countless stories of individuals losing their employment, relationships ending, divorces, court problems, all because a person with PTSD was trying to manage on their own, and not seek professional care. Along these lines, we have also seen many cases where a person who has PTSD will either abuse psychiatric medication or try to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

If you or a loved one have PTSD, these signs can help identify when it’s time to seek a professional PTSD Rehab like Dr. Paul’s

Warning signs of PTSD
  1. Insomnia – Often, those with PTSD will suffer night terrors, or nightmares, or even be consumed by paralyzing thoughts and unable to sleep regularly. What most people don’t know, is long bouts of insomnia also lead to more significant occurrences of symptoms like Mania, Delusions, and Paranoia. If suffering from PTSD, and noticing new or more severe symptoms, please call us right away (855) 924-4577
  2. Flashbacks – Having flashbacks, or reoccurrence of traumatic experiences from memories can cause a person to lose stability quickly. Fear, anger, aggression, doubt, and other mental health problems will often accompany flashbacks and leave its victim paralyzed with fear or riddled with anxiety. For cases of this nature, stability in a daily routine is vital, as well as professional medication management, the licensed team at Dr. Paul’s PTSD Rehab, covers all of these most needed areas.
  3. Over medicating to cover PTSD Symptoms – Many of those who have PTSD will also be under the care of a psychiatrist. Medication is commonly recommended for those who have PTSD. If a person that is suffering, however, decides to abuse meds or take more than prescribed, problems can begin quickly. Psychiatric medications for sleep, trauma, anxiety, and depression all have dangerous effects when they are abused or discontinued cold turkey. Taking too many, or too few, of these pills causes a whole host of adverse side effects and make a person’s symptoms worse. These facts are why being in the stable environment at Dr. Paul’s helps so many to recovery and find balance again. For those over medicating, whether by choice or due to over-drugging by a doctor, stability is key to recovering and regaining control in one’s life.
  4. Self Medicating for someone who has PTSD – Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, in addition to offering licensed PTSD Rehab, also has a dual diagnosis component available. Many of those suffering from trauma, or post-traumatic stress disorder, will try to dull their symptoms and pain by self-medicating. For centuries, citizens of the world have taken their health into their own hands and experimented with various drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Dr. Paul’s sees many patients who have become dependent on drugs or alcohol as a means to keep their mental health symptoms or PTSD symptoms at bay. Since drug abuse and overdose rates are on the rise, our treatment team is on standby to help in an emergency or crisis related to drug use.
Most common drugs abused by those with PTSD

Alcohol – Alcohol is known to be used to alleviate symptoms of depression or fear. For many, it provides a tool needed to feel comfortable at home, or in social environments. Alcohol, however, has horrible side effects for someone who is dual diagnosis with PTSD, especially those who take psychiatric medications. Overconsumption of alcohol, combined with the use of Antipsychotic medicines or Benzo’s can lead to hospitalization.

Opioids – Opioids come in many varieties and are deadly. The Opioid Epidemic in America has put a spotlight on the increase of overdoses in Opioid users. While most Opioid users will use low dose pain medication, many will abuse those pain pills, or seek something much stronger as they develop a tolerance. Our Opioid Detox services at Dr. Paul’s in St. Augustine, provide licensed medical supervision to those who have been abusing Opioids to ensure all measures are taken to prevent from a fatal overdose or withdrawal effects.

Dr. Paul’s offers a compelling approach to helping those with PTSD recovery and find balance in their lives. Through providing top quality accommodations, trained professional staff, and the best mental health care, our team ensures a high rate of success for all who complete a long-term PTSD Rehab with Dr. Paul’s.

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