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Dr. Paul’s Mental Health rehabilitation program

Who to turn to for mental health rehab when symptoms get severe?

At Dr. Paul’s by the Sea Inpatient Mental Health rehab, we treat patients diagnosed with a variety of mental health issues. Our supportive program and therapeutic setting offer the support and expertise needed for a person to begin the healing process. Dr. Paul’s by the Sea is a licensed Mental Health Rehab located in St. Augustine, Florida and for most participants, full mental health residential care is available, covered by insurance. Since the circumstances requiring inpatient care will vary, in this article we will explain some of the more frequently seen mental health concerns leading to an inpatient mental health rehab stay.

Top Five Reasons to consider mental health rehab
  • Dual Diagnosis – The reason it is termed “dual diagnosis” is that in addition to having a mental health disorder (or multiple), the individual also suffers from drug or alcohol addiction.
    A person receiving a dual diagnosis will be experiencing a mental health problem such as:

    -Social Paranoia
    -Fear or agitationThe dual diagnosis patient may also be on some medication for psychiatric symptoms, prescribed by their local doctor. Common medication classes include antidepressants, benzodiazepines, or even antipsychotics. For a patient dependent on drugs to function, a program like Dr. Paul’s by the Sea offers licensed and trained specialists to monitor the progress of each patient as well as the effectiveness of prescription medications.

  • Trauma and Depression– For many patients suffering from severe depression, trauma, or PTSD, life can become unbearable and include constant mental anguish. Often, stress in the mind will also cause adverse physical symptoms, leading to a general unwell or unhealthy feeling. Many of those afflicted with Trauma or Depression will feel as though they are unable to recover, almost as if they have given up hope for life. At Dr. Paul’s mental health rehab, we understand the importance of providing compassionate and caring oversight to an individual in this sensitive state of mind. Working one on one with a therapist, learning coping skills, and how to recognize triggers are all imperative to managing life after severe trauma or depression.
  • Long-term recovery after psychiatric hospitalization– The most common reasons for a person to require psychiatric hospitalization include drug-induced psychosis, mania, delusions, PTSD, or thoughts of self-harm. Typically, a psychiatric hospitalization will be voluntary, but in crisis situations, it is possible to for treatment to begin against the patient’s will.  While a psychiatric unit or short-term psych hold is beneficial in stabilizing the individual, it rarely provides sufficient long-term help to alleviate negative behavior patterns. At Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, our trained and certified staff always recommend that after a psych hospital stay, the patient consider a long-term rehabilitation or mental health rehab stay, to gradually integrate back into life as usual.
  • Behavioral health and legal issues– Frequently, someone in the criminal justice system for offenses, will be required to attend a mental health rehab or dual diagnosis program as a condition of their release. Dr. Paul’s helps many individuals plagued by drug charges, DUI, or other offenses, clean up their act and recover from these past transgressions. An individual voluntarily attending a mental health rehab such as Dr. Paul’s by the Sea in St. Augustine will have time in a safe and secure environment to work with licensed mental health treatment providers and make a plan to recover from the adverse effects of an unhealthy past.
  • Fear and social anxiety– In severe cases, a person can develop such intense fear or social anxiety that they no longer trust their close friends or loved ones. It’s also important to note, as exhibited in some severe mental health disorders like psychosis, an individual’s thought process is compromised and not reality-based. If a person suffering decides their loved ones are against them, or part of the problem, trying to care for that individual can become very hard on a family unit. When dealing with debilitating fear, often a local psychiatrist will recommend heavy duty medications such as antipsychotics. These medications may help stabilize a person or alleviate some of the symptoms, but are not a long-term cure. The most beneficial way to respond to a situation of this nature is to get full mental health rehab at an inpatient program. For instance, at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, the patients are given a chance to investigate past traumas, work on being comfortable in a social setting, and begin to make a plan for their future.

As anyone can see, the mental health rehab at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea covers a broad spectrum of mental health or drug dependency concerns. The help of our dedicated mental health treatment team is just a phone call away.

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