Inpatient Mental Health Rehab

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Come and heal at Dr. Paul’s Inpatient Mental Health Rehab by the Sea!

At. Dr. Paul’s we provide the best space for healing in the St. Augustine, FL area. For years, our inpatient mental health rehab programs have helped those whose lives have become unmanageable due to intense symptoms or mental health disorders. Our philosophy is anyone can heal, given the proper support and therapy, so we focus on providing the most effective licensed therapies and treatments known to have successful results. Insurance conveniently covers patients attending Dr. Paul’s for long-term inpatient mental health rehab. Licensed and accredited services at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea include regular one on one attention, medication management services, therapy, group activities, and holistic treatments.

Inpatient Mental Health Rehab is available to cover the following diagnosis:
  1. Anxiety and Depression – Those suffering from severe depression or anxiety often need a supportive environment and round the clock care to begin to heal. Our licensed therapists and medication management component help to bring a level of stability and recovery to the daily life of those suffering from these depressing mental health symptoms. Recovering from depression or anxiety will offer a renewed sense of motivation and peace for anyone who is facing difficulty in life.
  2. Trauma or PTSD – Someone affected by symptoms of PTSD or Trauma will have the pleasure of attending our Trauma-focused programs and therapies. Our inpatient center by the Sea is a safe and therapeutic space which promotes recovery and wellness. While working on triggers and flare-ups f symptoms, those suffering from underlying trauma will have the chance to work with professionals that have helped thousands of trauma patients recovery!
  3. Social Anxiety – Social Anxiety can be particularly difficult to treat due to fear or anxiety surrounding new places or people. At Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, we offer a recovery-oriented environment, where those new to our center get to learn from trained staff, as well as patients in various levels of their recovery. A person with a fear of social activities, panic attacks, or other social related illnesses, will gradually be given a chance to integrate and become used to interacting in public. Goals for an inpatient mental health rehab focused on social anxiety will include learning life skills, learning to become comfortable in social settings, and identifying triggers or causes of uncomfortableness.
  4. Bipolar or Schizoaffective – Bipolar and Schizoaffective are both diagnoses that cover a set of symptoms. Those with bipolar a known to display up and down behavior patterns, while schizoaffective will display more severe symptoms such as delusions, hearing voices, or paranoia. When caring for oneself, or a loved one with a mental health disorder becomes too difficult, or impossible, the team at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea offers an active inpatient mental health rehab that can even be covered by insurance long-term.
  5. Mania, Delusions, Paranoia – Mania, delusions, and paranoia are all more severe symptoms. Symptoms gone untreated can lead to major disturbances such as severe panic attacks, psychosis, suicidal thoughts or religious ideations. If a loved one is experiencing these life-altering symptoms, getting them into Dr. Paul’s to be monitored and supervised in a safe inpatient setting is the wisest course of action. Each case is unique, so to find out if your situation is a good fit for our inpatient mental health rehab, please call us at (855) 924-4577.
  6. Dual Diagnosis – The best thing about Dr. Paul’s by the Sea is its ability to assist those with drug or alcohol problems. In a dual diagnosis patient, it is vital to seek a rehabilitation program that covers both mental health and addiction. Dr, Paul’s is nationally accredited and state licensed to provide successful long-term rehab for many of the most common Dual Diagnosis issues.

Treatment available for the following Dual Diagnosis areas:
– Dual Diagnosis Rehab
– Drug and Alcohol Detox (included, no extra cost)
– Addiction rehab (Heroin, Opioids, Alcohol, Meth, Cocaine, Marijuana, all illegal drug addictions accepted!)
– Long-term life skills and sober living

Dr. Paul’s is so confident in our treatment team that we offer treatment for most addiction or mental health-related disorders. The first step in enrolling at our Inpatient Mental Health Rehab is to contact our admissions department to discuss your situation. Our team has helped those suffering from mental health and addiction problems for decades and offers a real and valuable tool for those seeking a recovery program.

To qualify for treatment at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, please call (855) 924-4577