Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Dr. Paul’s by the Sea – Licensed Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The best approach to dual diagnosis treatment is offered at our St. Augustine, Florida location by the sea!

For those given the label of dual diagnosis, effective inpatient care can help avoid a crisis and provide a stable recovery-oriented environment. Dual diagnosis typically means the individual is suffering from both mental health symptoms and drug addiction. Many diagnosed with these issues will be abusing drugs or alcohol, as well as taking psychiatric medication for their mental health illness. Frequently, behavioral problems, aggression, fear, paranoia, or other severe symptoms, cause the immediate need for assistance in a more structured dual diagnosis treatment environment.

Our approach at Dr. Paul’s is simple; once a person safely detox’s from drugs and alcohol, we provide the support, structure, and therapy needed to learn a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Our long-term Dual diagnosis treatment center located in St. Augustine, is typically covered by insurance. We offer licensed and accredited treatment programs to make sure anyone attending our location gets the best care and highest likelihood of long-term recovery.

Licensed Dr. Paul’s Services:

– Dual Diagnosis Treatment
– Inpatient Mental Health
– Drug and Alcohol Rehab
– Long-term recovery programs
– medical detox included (if needed)

Addiction and Prescription Medication Abuse

One of the best aspects of Dr. Paul’s dual diagnosis treatment program is the medication management aspect. For most people, medications are given by a doctor or psychiatrist on a monthly basis with little to no interaction in between. This means the addict can abuse their drugs or take more than prescribed because there is no oversight. At Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, we offer inpatient dual diagnosis treatment focused on a closer hands-on approach to healthcare. Not only do we help with the addictive behavior or behavioral health issues, but we also provide medication management assistance and can help ensure the proper medications and dosage are used. As our practical and proven treatment methods take effect, a more balanced and recovery-oriented individual is the result.

Healing at our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in St. Augustine, Florida.

At Dr. Paul’s we help those who need to recover and get a fresh start. Most affected by addiction and mental health issues have managed to cause trouble in their life as well. Our dual diagnosis program is successful because we take the time needed to help a person recover and make a plan for a healthier life. Regular recovery programs, meetings, therapy, and other activities that help promote sobriety and heal are available. Licensed care from the experts in dual diagnosis help navigate the problems of the past and create a plan of recovery that embraces a healthier lifestyle and excitement for the future.

Help for extreme cases of addiction and dual diagnosis

Our team at Dr. Paul’s is trained and ready to assist in the complicated crisis situations faced in the world of addiction. With the opioid epidemic hitting America hard, the need for heroin rehab and detox on short notice is critical. Once family or friends discover someone is dangerously abusing Opioids, rehab is needed immediately to reduce the risk of relapse. With our licensing and expertise, we offer same day assessment and approval in most circumstances. Our admissions team is available to help in an emergency situation.

Dr. Paul’s by the sea also assists families who wish to intervene in a loved one’s drug use or mental health crisis. For years we have offered successful dual diagnosis treatment in St. Augustine, and also have locations across America. If you need professional rehab advice, or assistance getting through to an addict, please reach out to us.

Dr. Paul’s programs covered by insurance include:

– Dual Diagnosis Treatment
– Inpatient Mental Health
– Drug and Alcohol Rehab
– Drug and Alcohol Detox
– Florida Sober Living
– Opioid Addiction Recovery
– Heroin Abuse
– Inpatient Depression Treatment
We offer a safe medical detox in cases of drug withdrawal, so if you or a loved one are facing withdrawal symptoms or want to quit using drugs immediately, please call us right away!

Addiction and Mental Health Crisis Hotline
(855) 924-4577