Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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What is the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

First, it is essential to know what a dual diagnosis is. For someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and also displaying mental health symptoms, a label of dual diagnosis describes their co-occurring disorder. This diagnosis means a person needs recovery treatment covering two areas:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Addiction
Make sure you choose the best rehab to treat your symptoms!

For the addiction side of the diagnosis, Dr. Paul’s by the Sea offers a long-term drug rehab program that helps provide recovery-focused activities and counseling. For a person to eliminate addiction from their life, they merely need to be in a healthy environment, sober and have professional support. But for a case of Dual Diagnosis, once the individual becomes sober, the underlying Mental Health issues need to be diagnosed and effectively treated for the patient to enjoy a full recovery. What this means, is an addict with mental health symptoms should not just look at attending a drug rehab when they are ready to get sober but instead consider a dual diagnosis center.

Mental health diagnoses covered by the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs:

-Trauma or PTSD
-Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center!

What’s the difference between the best drug rehab and best dual diagnosis treatment?

Millions in America suffer from mental health symptoms, and similarly, millions are reliant on psychiatric medications to live a balanced life. When an individual with a history of mental health diagnosis, or psychiatric medication needs to go to drug rehab, many standard drug rehabs don’t have the adequate staff or licensing to provide a high level of mental health care. This means that many patients leave a drug rehab, with untreated mental health diagnoses, or even lacking the proper medication to treat their illnesses. This leads to a messy situation once it’s time to go home from rehab and return to life. At Dr. Paul’s, the best dual diagnosis treatment is available. Our mental health staff is licensed to provide treatment for mental health concerns and ensure that no addict is left without the proper type of care and medical oversight during their journey to sobriety. Our goal is not only to help a person become sober but give them the tools needed to leave a healthy and symptoms free life.

Our licensed center in St. Augustine, FL can provide dual diagnosis rehab covered by insurance!

The worst part about discovering yourself or a loved one is suffering from addiction is the neverending treatment costs. For many families, checking into drug rehab today means borrowing from credit cards, mortgaging the house, or even using retirement funds. At Dr. Paul’s we care about those we help, we want to see your overall life situation improve as a result of getting treatment, not to find yourself in the hole thousands of dollars. For severe cases of dual diagnosis, where multiple hospital stays or rehab stays are involved, the bill can get astronomical. Upon seeing this, and realizing that the best dual diagnosis treatment in America was costly, Dr. Paul’s by the Sea began a quest to become an affordable and licensed dual diagnosis program. For many years our team of doctors, therapists, and behavioral health workers have worked with the state licensing board and accreditation committees, to exceed all expectations, and be able to help as many people as possible. Today, Dr. Paul’s has helped thousands of addicts, and families, who are in need of help in a crisis. Our programs are rated the Best Dual Diagnosis rehab in Florida, and we also have received the coveted JCAHO accreditation seal. All of these efforts have achieved our goal; our program can now accept all mental health and dual diagnosis cases fully covered by insurance.

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