Recognizing Functional Alcoholism

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For some alcoholics, their drinking problem may be obvious and everyone in their life can see they are dependent on alcohol. Other people, especially those in higher status jobs may find it necessary to hide their addiction at all costs and maintain an image of control.

These kinds of alcoholics are able to function at their workplace and at home with the appearance that they have everything together. Deep down, they are secretly suffering from an addiction. People with traits of high-functioning alcoholism are less likely to be diagnosed and it could be years before they finally seek help. It is important for family members and friends to be vigilant and look for signs that their loved one might be a functional alcoholic.

If you are concerned that someone you know might be dealing with a dependency then you can familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of functional alcoholism.

Signs that a Person is a Functional Alcoholic:

Unusual Drinking Habits

Most people can’t tell right away that a functional alcoholic has a problem even when they are drinking socially. However, they might exhibit some signs through certain habits such as drinking excessively after saying they would only have one drink. They might talk about drinking all the time and have a lot of social interaction with heavy drinkers. They may also consistently finish alcoholic beverages, including other people’s drinks and be unable to limit themselves at social events.

Using Excuses

When someone is functional as an alcoholic they can be highly intelligent and charismatic making them more convincing when they tell stories or make excuses for their behavior.

It becomes easy for them to hide things and explain where they were and what they were doing to family members. If your loved one seems to be making more excuses for their mistakes or absences then it could be a method of hiding their addiction.

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Uncharacteristic Behavior

Functioning alcoholics may be skilled at concealing the full extent of their drinking habits but you might notice a few changes in their behavior. They might skip more social events or have a sudden change of attitude that seems uncharacteristic of their normal personality. You may even witness some of the physical symptoms of alcoholism such as insomnia, shakiness or other health concerns. There could be some instances of sloppiness at work such as missing deadlines or calling in sick more frequently.

Recovery from Alcoholism

The signs of alcohol dependency may be harder to spot in a person who can function well in spite of their addiction. Most of the time, they probably appear responsible and successful in their work or academic lives. Their high functioning traits can also lead them to be in deep denial for years before they ever consider that they might have a problem with alcohol. Friends and family members may feel that they have things under control since they don’t fit the stereotype of an alcoholic.

Unfortunately, even a high functioning alcoholic will still suffer from the consequences of addiction in terms of their physical and mental health. If you notice any of the signs that indicate functional alcoholism then you need to talk to them about getting professional help.

Our drug and alcohol rehab center in St. Augustine, Florida can offer treatment for your loved one if you believe they are a functional alcoholic. In our recovery program, they can learn the skills to make positive changes in their lives and maintain their sobriety in the future. If you are concerned about their drinking, don’t hesitate to talk to them about taking steps toward treatment.