Addiction and Mental Health

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How addiction and mental health goes hand in hand -by Dr. Paul’s by the Sea

At Dr. Paul’s addiction and mental health facilities, we recognize how addiction problems go hand in hand with mental health issues. Our team is licensed and accredited to offer the best treatment and accommodations to those who are seeking recovery. When addiction and mental health symptoms arise, many people may feel they can handle these things on their own, but at Dr. Paul’s we see some of the more severe cases, where outpatient care is not sufficient, and a higher level of inpatient of care for addiction and mental health is required.

The difference between mental health and addiction symptoms

Often, these symptoms look exactly alike, at times, a person suffering addiction will even be diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar, or even Schizophrenia, due to an undisclosed drug or alcohol addiction. At Dr. Paul’s addiction and mental health clinic, we strive to determine which symptoms are being caused by addictive behaviors, drug cravings, or problems in the brain chemistry, versus real psychological illnesses. Our goal is to help each suffering client recognize what their baseline level is, and how to be functional at a fundamental level. Through our world-class and effective therapies, our caring and dedicated team put in the needed one on one time in order to get to know each patient and their symptoms/triggers. In our experience, many addicted to drugs are also displaying mental health symptoms, and maybe even on the wrong medications to promote their stability and wellbeing. Through enrolling at Dr. Paul’s by the Sea, each client is provided the support and tools needed to know how to live a balanced and stable life, even when symptoms or drug cravings flare up.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol Versus Addiction to psychiatric medications

Many of those with a diagnosed mental illness need to rely on psychiatric medications. For someone on psychotropic medication, they may not consider themselves an addict but instead have become dependent on the drug to enhance their moods or eradicate severe symptoms. The problem with this is, a person dependent on medication can have the same outcome in the brain chemistry as a person addicted to drugs and alcohol.

For example, most people are familiar with the illegal drug Methamphetamine. This powerful stimulant is highly addictive and known to cause severe addiction and behavioral issues in the user. However, if someone with ADHD or hyperactive symptoms goes to see a psychiatrist, more often than not they are given a prescription for a medication called Adderall. Adderal is also a stimulant drug, and this medications genetic composition is nearly identical to the structure of the illegal drug Meth. So an individual using Meth, can see a doctor, tell them their symptoms, and then be prescribed a “more legal” version of the Meth, in the form of Adderall.

These prescription medications are highly dangerous for addicts because they are often given a months supply, with little or no oversight to control how or when they take their doses, so many addicts will finish their prescription of Adderall or Ritalin early, due to abusing the drug for a euphoric or energetic effect. And, this sad fact doesn’t only apply to addiction and mental health symptoms for those using stimulants, it is across the board. This same process of obtaining legal rather than illegal drugs is available to those addicted to potent opioids such as heroin. Synthetic pharmaceutical treatments for Opioid dependency are also highly addictive and leave the addict still requiring therapy and intensive treatment to correct addictive patterns.

At Dr. Paul’s our team works with individuals suffering from addiction and mental health problems at our Dual Diagnosis center in St. Augustine, Florida. Our licensed team of experts is accredited to provide the best inpatient treatment for addiction and mental health issues. Our treatment center, located by the Sea, is the perfect destination for those wanting to eliminate dependence and work on correcting unwanted psychological health symptoms. The best part about Dr. Paul’s by the Sea is our ability to accept most insurance plans for fully covered inpatient treatment. Our programs last anywhere from 30-90 days inpatient, and we also offer a long-term healthy living environment or sober living housing for those needing a supportive and structured environment after completing inpatient care.

For anyone wanting to balance their moods eliminate worrisome mental health symptoms, and beat their addictions for good, please contact Dr. Paul’s by the Sea for a Free assessment. Get approved for addiction and mental health treatment today! (855) 924-4577